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ss AME,,,c Subdivision Guarantee <br /> First American TitleTM ISSUED BY <br /> First American Title Insurance Company <br /> GUARANTEE NUMBER <br /> Schedule A 5003353-O0032OOe <br /> Order No.: 203445-LT Liability: $2,000.00 Fee: $350.00 <br /> Tax: $29.75 <br /> Name of Assured: Jason Flowers and Melissa Flowers & Herrigstad Engineering <br /> Date of Guarantee: October 29, 2021 <br /> The assurances referred to on the face page hereof are: <br /> 1. Title is vested in: Jason P. Flowers and Melissa A. Flowers, a married couple <br /> 2. That, according to the Public Records relative to the land described in Schedule C attached hereto (including those <br /> records maintained and indexed by name), there are no other documents affecting title to said land or any portion <br /> thereof, other than those shown under Record Matters in Schedule B. <br /> 3. The following matters are excluded from the coverage of this Guarantee: <br /> A. Unpatented Mining Claims, reservations or exceptions in patents or in acts authorizing the issuance thereof. <br /> B. Water rights, claims or title to water. <br /> C. Tax Deeds to the State of WA. <br /> D. Documents pertaining to mineral estates. <br /> 4. No guarantee is given nor liability assumed with respect to the validity, legal effect or priority of any matter shown herein. <br /> 5. This Guarantee is restricted to the use of the Assured for the purpose of providing title evidence as may be required <br /> when subdividing land pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 58.17, R.C.W., and the local regulations and ordinances <br /> adopted pursuant to said statute. It is not to be used as a basis for closing any transaction affecting title to said property. <br /> 6. Any sketch attached hereto is done so as a courtesy only and is not part of any title commitment, guarantee or policy. <br /> It is furnished solely for the purpose of assisting in locating the premises and First American expressly disclaims any <br /> liability which may result from reliance made upon it.. <br /> By: • <br /> Land Title and Escrow Company, <br /> 111 E. George Hopper Road <br /> Burlington, WA 98233 <br /> Authorized Countersignature <br /> Form 5003353-A(7-1-14) Page 1 of 5 I CLTA#14 Subdivision Guarantee(4-10-75) <br /> Washington-Schedule A <br />