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ORDINANCE NO. 2680 <br /> AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING PROCEDURES FOR THE <br /> ISSUANCE OF ENCROACHMENT PERMITS. <br /> WHEREAS, rights of ways and other public places in the City of Anacortes must be <br /> managed for the safety and convenience of the public, and <br /> WHEREAS, adjacent property owners,both residential and commercial, have in the past <br /> and continue to desire to make limited appropriate use of the public rights-of-ways for <br /> landscaping and other attendant purposes, enhancing the visual character of the City as well as <br /> providing necessary maintenance to these areas, and <br /> WHEREAS, the City Council deems it appropriate to continue to permit minor <br /> landscaping and other temporary encroachments into the public right of way subject to <br /> encroachment agreements and other protections, and <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, be it ordained THAT SECTION 12.30 BE ADDED TO THE <br /> Anacortes Municipal Code to read as follows: <br /> Title 12 <br /> Anacortes Municipal Code 12.30 <br /> Chapter 12.30 <br /> ENCROACHMENT PERMITS <br /> Sections: <br /> 12.30.010 Policy <br /> 12.30.020 Permit required. <br /> 12.30.030 Applications. <br /> 12.30.040 Notifications. <br /> 12.30.050 Issuance of permit. <br /> 12.30.060 Term of permit. <br /> 12.30.070 Revocation. <br /> 12.30.080 Appeal. <br /> 12.30.090 Existing uses. <br /> 12.30.100 Penalty for violation. <br /> 12.30.010 Policy. <br /> It is the policy of the city to retain adequate rights of way and easements for future <br /> expansion of streets, alleys, and utility systems, and to encourage the limited use of public right <br /> of ways and easements by the adjoining property owners. <br /> 12.30.020 Permit required. <br /> Before any person, firm, or corporation shall commence or permit any other person, firm <br /> or corporation to place any barricade, material, earth, gravel, rock, debris or any other material or <br />