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Meyer Sign & Advertising Co., Inc. 2608 Hwy 99 So., Mount Vernon,WA 98273 Phone: (360)424-1325 FAX: (360)424-5212 <br /> SALES AGREEMENT <br /> Sales Agreement No.: 1336 <br /> Date: 6-22-05 <br /> PURCHASER JOB LOCATION <br /> Name: Anacortes Public Library Job Location: Anacortes Public Library <br /> Address: 1220 10''Street Address: 1220 10th Street <br /> City/State/Zip: Anacortes,WA 98221 City/State/Zip: Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Contact: Doug Everhart Job Contact: Doug Everhart <br /> Telephone#: (360)293-1926 Job Site Telephone#: (360)293-1926 <br /> Individual ❑ General Partnership ❑ Limited Partnership ❑ Corporation ❑ Limited Liability Company ❑ Other ❑ <br /> Seller agrees to sell and Purchaser agrees to purchase the following items based on Meyer Sign drawing# 4085_R.# _Dated 5-25-05. The Display is more particularly <br /> described as follows,and as appears from any designs or drawings which may be attached hereto or incorporated herein by reference. In case of variance between the below <br /> description and the designs or drawings,the designs or drawings shall control. <br /> After permits have been secured,work will be completed in approximately 6=8 weeks. <br /> Provide labor and materials to fabricate and install one new single illuminated monument sign with one single-face electronic message center as follows: <br /> 1. MATERIALS: Aluminum constructed sign cabinet and faces painted to match library window color. Faces routed out and backed with Plexiglas metal cap flashing to <br /> match library window color. Brick base to match building brick. Concrete foundation to match library foundation. <br /> 2. MESSAGE CENTER: One single-sided Daktronics Electronic Message Center: Galaxy 20mm monochrome outdoor LED Matrix display—3400 series. Matrix: 16 <br /> pixels high x 96 pixels long. LED color: 64 shades of monochrome amber. <br /> 3. DIMENSIONS: Sign size: 7'6"high x 7'6 V2"wide. Message center: 1'7"high x 6'10"wide. <br /> 4. GRAPHICS: Colors and layout as per design submittal#4085 or optional. <br /> 5. ILLUMINATION: Standard 800 M.A. fluorescent lamps behind cut out and pushed through clear Plexiglas letters. (Note: Customer to provide 120 volt/20 amp <br /> electrical stubs to sign base.) <br /> 6. ELECTRICAL: Data cable and electrical will be installed by Pointer Electric. This includes: Using a locator to find the existing conduits,trenching from the sign to <br /> location near flag pole base, installing J boxes and conduit as needed to extend existing conduit to the new location,installing one new 120 volt circuit to the sign, <br /> installing a data cable from the sign to the electrical room through conduit then exposed through the electrical room and then as open wiring through the ceiling to the data <br /> room,supply 450 ft.of data cable,back filling the ditch and electrical permit. Cost to complete all electrical work is$3,237.00. Electrical work will be added into <br /> this contract. PLEASE NOTE: Electrical bid assumes that the conduits can be easily traced and located near the flag pole base,can be readily dug up and are not <br /> clogged up. (If they are under concrete,deeper than a couple of feet,not in that location or otherwise unusable then there will be an extra charge.) <br /> 7. INSTALLATION: Price includes Meyer Sign doing the excavation,concrete footing and installation of the sign. <br /> NOTE: Sign may need engineering before sign permit can be issued. The cost does not include engineering cost. <br />