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Page 1 of 9 <br /> <br /> <br />Libby Grage, Planning Manager <br />Planning, Community, and Economic Development Department <br />PO BOX 547 <br />Anacortes, WA <br />98221 <br />1/31/2022 <br /> <br /> <br />Dear Ms. Grage, <br /> <br />The Port of Anacortes (Port) submits this project narrative as part of our Shoreline Substantial Development <br />Permit Application for MRT-59 Pier 2 Segregation Curb. <br /> <br />Introduction: <br />The Port operates Pier 2, a marine bulk loading facility, on the shores of the Guemes Channel. Currently, <br />petroleum coke and elemental sulfur are shipped from the facility. This facility is directly adjacent to the <br />Dakota Creek Industries’ (DCI) shipyard, both facilities are highly modified industrial maritime shorelines built <br />on imported fill materials. Currently, Pier 2 and DCI are segregated by a chain link fence and in some areas a <br />concrete curb. The curb is not continuous and does not currently extend to the northernmost portion of the <br />border between the sites (see figure 1). The Port proposes installing a new segregation curb to tie into to the <br />existing curb and complete site segregation. The proposed curb will increase site safety and better segregate <br />DCI from Pier 2, by reducing stormwater run on and runoff, preventing equipment from hitting the fence, and <br />providing a durable visual demarcation between the two sites. The proposed curb will be a 2-feet tall by 387- <br />feet long, concrete curb inside of the existing chain link fence. The curb will be built upon a sub-base of <br />WSDOT Maintenance Rock (WSDOT Spec 9-03.9(4)) and crushed surface base course with a geotextile liner. <br />The curb will be reinforced with rebar and is not designed for structural loads. <br /> <br />Project construction will commence once permits and approvals are issued and weather is suitable for ground <br />preparation activities. Best estimates for construction to start are late winter/early spring 2022. Construction <br />of the project will utilize equipment and methods typical for construction of this type, including a small <br />excavator, compactors, and dump trucks. The duration of the construction phase of the project will last less <br />than a month. Approximately 160 cubic yards of materials (sub base materials, crushed rock, etc.) will be <br />imported to the site with an equal amount of existing fill being removed. <br /> <br />Shoreline Jurisdiction: <br />The proposed segregation curb will occur within shoreline zone. The site is zoned Marine Shipping (MS) and <br />within the Urban Maritime (UM) shoreline environmental designation. Pier 2 is an active bulk loading facility <br />and part of the Port’s marine terminal, serving maritime commerce. The proposed curb will reduce <br />stormwater run on and runoff improving stormwater permit compliance. The proposed curb supports the <br />existing water dependent uses at the marine terminal and permitted in the UM shoreline designation. <br /> <br />Critical Areas: <br />No critical areas or environmentally sensitive areas are within the project footprint. The site is a FEMA <br />mapped flood hazard zone; however, the area is above the flood elevation of +7 feet the floodplain. Please <br />see the attached memo regarding the surveyed elevations of the site and the inaccuracies with the FEMA <br />map. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />100 Commercial Ave., Anacortes, WA 98221 | (360) 293-3134 | <br />02/01/2022 <br />SDP-2022-0001