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DocuSign Envelope ID:D288F29C-45EB-489E-B207-5867E357F610 <br /> GVzY o� - TY _Q.F <br /> _:.-_, _ ..„...,,....- _ -, ,_-„,--__...:„..: ...... -- <br /> _ , _ :-„, - _-:_, _- _-„,__„ ,_ ,:-,-- <br /> ` , d <br /> Itiiii.___ . \ <br /> Address the unintended consequences, conflicting provisions, and ambiguities in the 2021 <br /> police reform laws to ensure law enforcement can provide essential services. Loosen the prohibitions <br /> on non lethal ammunition and allow police to interact with people in mental health crisis. <br /> l <br /> rAddress deficiencies in infrastructure,programs, and the qualified work force necessary to <br /> !, A. support treatment of both metal health and substance abuse disorders. Skagit County has a <br /> shortage of both short and long-term treatment facilities,social workers,and programs.Anacortes <br /> needs responsive 24/7 access to countywide Designated Crisis Responders for involuntary treatment <br /> acts(ITA). Local and regional behavioral health providers are at or beyond capacity. <br /> ,....... ...— <br /> Support broadband expansion and reduce or eliminate the ability of incumbent private <br /> service providers to limit state grant funding for additional network growth. Currently, <br /> e <br /> incumbent service providers can object to and prevent funding of public broadband projects in their <br /> `- operating areas. Find ways to alleviate these constraints on public broadband expansion,especially in <br /> '"� circumstances where the service provider has a monopolistic presence in the market. <br /> [ ) <br /> Provide flexible state and federal dollars through programs like the Public Works Assistance <br /> Account to help finance water and wastewater infrastructure.The City of Anacortes owns and <br /> operates a regional water plant which provides treated Skagit River water to Oak Harbor, NAS <br /> .x ` Whidbey Island, La Conner,Shelter Bay,the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community,the Samish IndianAdi Nation,Skagit Public Utility District#1, and Marathon and HollyFrontier refineries. <br /> Allow Transportation Benefit Districts to continue use of TBD sales tax beyond the N <br /> k. <br /> current statutory time limits. The TBD funding mechanism is critical for Anacortes as a <br /> -- sustainable funding source for ongoing pavement maintenance. <br /> ,w d$ i.; Adopt a new Transportation for All package that supports systems that reduce pollution, <br /> \� : _ <br /> improves multimodal choices like biking,walking and public transit to increase access for everyone. <br /> Anacortes is specifically seeking funding to improve the 23 blocks of South Commercial Avenue <br /> (part of State Highway 20),our primary commercial and retail corridor connecting downtown, <br /> waterfront,and the State Ferry Terminal,which is in need of significant repair. <br /> General Provisions:Protect Shared State Revenue Sources-Support Long-term Sustainability-Support Partnership Between City and State <br /> Legislative Priorities Adopted by Council Resolution No.3071 <br /> City of Anacortes 904 6th Street Anacortes,Washington 98221 <br />