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Page 1 of 11 <br />Libby Grage, Planning Manager <br />Planning, Community, and Economic Development Department <br />PO BOX 547 <br />Anacortes, WA <br />98221 <br />12/14/2021 <br />Dear Ms. Grage, <br />The Port of Anacortes (Port) submits this project narrative as part of our Shoreline Substantial Development <br />Permit Application. <br />Narrative Introduction: <br />Cap Sante Marina is a large public recreational and commercial marina on Fidalgo Bay that was established in <br />1927. The marina has undergone many modifications since that date and is still operated, updated, and <br />maintained by the Port. The current marina configuration provides 1,007 boat moorage slips which supports <br />local tourism, fishing, and other commercial marine activities. The Port proposes improvements to the parking <br />lot serving J, K, and L docks (JKL) at Cap Sante Marina. Improvements to the approximately 1.5-acre JKL <br />parking lot would include regrading, paving, landscaping, stormwater improvements, and pedestrian <br />pathways. The project would reconfigure the lot from the current 90 unmarked spaces to 136 defined parking <br />spaces with 4 spaces reserved as ADA accessible. Parking lot internal landscaping and screening will be <br />provided, in addition to two green spaces totaling 0.7 acres reserved for informal recreation. Lighting for <br />safety will be provided in the lot. Updated stormwater handling and treatment facilities are proposed to meet <br />applicable stormwater requirements. The improvements will aim to improve user safety, provide ADA access, <br />increase and formalize parking spaces, handle and treat stormwater, and provide public-use green spaces for <br />marina users and the public. <br />Project construction will commence once permits and approvals are issued and weather is suitable for ground <br />preparation activities. Best estimates for construction commencement are late winter/early spring 2022. <br />Construction of the project will utilize equipment and methods typical for clearing, grading, and paving <br />including, but not limited to, bulldozers, compactors, excavators, dump trucks, and similar earth moving <br />equipment. The project will comprise approximately 6,137 cubic yards (CY) of cut and 9,975 CY of fill. Fill <br />material will be clean and procured from an engineer approved source. The project will install the following <br />utilities: stormwater, electrical, and water (for irrigation). The proposed locations of these utilities are shown <br />on Sheet 03 in the attached site plan. <br />Shoreline Jurisdiction: <br />The proposed improvements will occur partially within shoreline zone. The site is zoned commercial marine <br />(CM) and within the Urban shoreline environmental designation. Cap Sante Marina is a public commercial <br />marina and caters to commercial and recreational water dependent uses. The parking lot serves the water <br />dependent uses of tenants and guests with vessels at the marina. The proposed improvements will comply <br />with applicable sections of the Shoreline Master Program (SMP). Table 1 below articulates how the project <br />satisfies the SMP. <br />The JKL improvements will improve connectivity by providing better access to waterfront amenities, accessible <br />connection to the esplanade, and nearby shoreline points of interest. Provision of a sidewalk along Market <br />Street, internal pathways, and an ADA accessible ramp from the lot to the esplanade are updates that improve <br />100 Commercial Ave., Anacortes, WA 98221 | (360) 293-3134 |