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Pacific Surveying & Engineering, Inc <br /> land surveying  civil engineering  consulting  environmental <br /> 909 Squalicum Way #111, Bellingham, WA 98225 <br />Phone 360.671.7387 Facsimile 360.671.4685 Email <br />November 23, 2021 <br />Libby Grage <br />City of Anacortes Planning, Community & Economic Development Department <br />904 6th Street <br />Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />RE: PRE_2021_0041: Cap Sante JKL Parking Lot Improvements- FEMA Boundary <br />Dear Libby, <br />On behalf of our client, the Port of Anacortes, I have attached for City of Anacortes review and <br />approval an exhibit map depicting the difference between FEMA and surveyed floodplain <br />boundaries in the vicinity of our proposed JKL Parking Lot project. Based on correspondence <br />with the City Floodplain Manager, Rob Frisinger, and pursuant to the provisions of City of <br />Anacortes Municipal Code 19.74.040(C)(5) we are requesting a formal determination from the <br />City that the proposed Parking Lot project is not actually located in the floodplain (despite <br />current FIRM map designations) and may continue without the need for a Flood Development <br />Permit. <br />The attached map depicts the following features for your review: <br />• Proposed JKL Parking Lot and southerly access road <br />• FEMA FIRM Map Floodplain Boundary intended to represent the Base Flood Elevation <br />of 7’ (NGVD 29 vertical datum). This line is shown as a blue dashed line. <br />• Ground Survey determined Floodplain Boundary representing the true location of the 7’ <br />NGVD 29 contour. This line is shown as a solid green line near the Cap Sante Marina <br />shoreline <br />As can plainly be seen on the attached exhibit map and based on the results of an actual <br />ground survey using the methods prescribed in WAC 332-130-145, it has become evident that <br />the FEMA FIRM Maps for this area are inaccurate and not based on reliable topographic data. <br />Please take note that our JKL Parking Lot project datum is MLLW (Tidal). A conversion factor of <br />-4.3 feet was used to convert project datum to FEMA datum (NGVD 29) for this exercise. The <br />translated Base Flood Elevation would represent the 11’ contour (rounded) on our JKL Parking <br />Lot existing conditions map, which actually lands near the top of slope of the existing Cap Sante <br />Marina revetment rock wall (see map). Vertical Datum conversions were determined using a <br />published elevation benchmark records and verified using NOAA’s VDatum conversion tool. A <br />copy of these results are attached for your records.