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600 Dupont Street <br />Bellingham, Washington 98225 <br />360.647.1510 <br />November 20, 2018 <br />Port of Anacortes <br />100 Commercial Avenue <br />Anacortes, Washington 98221 <br />Attention: Brenda Treadwell, Director of Planning, Properties and Environmental <br />Subject: Letter Report <br />Preliminary Habitat Evaluation <br />North and West Basin Upland Redevelopment <br />Anacortes, Washington <br />File No. 5147-029-00 <br />This letter summarizes the results of a preliminary habitat evaluation completed by GeoEngineers, Inc. <br />(GeoEngineers) for the Port of Anacortes’ (Port’s) proposed North and West Basin Upland Redevelopment <br />project (project) in Anacortes, Washington as shown in the Vicinity Map, Figure 1. The proposed project <br />includes a new restaurant, Port offices, events center, hotel, recreational vehicle (RV) park, public plaza <br />and an extension of the waterfront esplanade. Realignment of 9th Street is also a consideration. <br />GeoEngineers’ biologists conducted a site reconnaissance on November 13, 2018 at the project site, within <br />the assessment area shown in Appendix A. Prior to the site reconnaissance, a file review of publicly <br />available data and maps identifying critical area features and relevant sections of the City of Anacortes <br />(City) code was completed. This letter summarizes information from the file review and site reconnaissance. <br />SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDED NEXT STEPS <br />Review of publicly available information and a site reconnaissance identified a marine shoreline and <br />saltmarsh habitat within the marina basin and a freshwater emergent and scrub-shrub wetland in the <br />northwest corner of the proposed project area. In addition, a mature forest habitat (Cap Sante Park) was <br />identified east of the project area, where no development is proposed. The majority of the project area is <br />already developed with multiple parking lots and commercial and residential buildings. Trees, shrubs and <br />grasses are present, but they are mostly ornamental species located within isolated landscaped areas. The <br />project will be subject to the City of Anacortes Shoreline Master Plan (SMP) (Anacortes Municipal Code [AMC] <br />18.16) and Critical Areas Code (AMC 17.70) including AMC requirements for riparian vegetation in areas <br />abutting the marine shoreline (AMC 17.70.580). Portions of the proposed project located within 200 feet of <br />the OHWM of the marine shoreline, are within shoreline jurisdiction and are subject to review under the City <br />SMP and development within areas abutting the marine shoreline are subject to a shoreline setback of <br />25 feet. DRAFT