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City of Anacortes <br /> Planning, Community& <br /> Economic Development <br /> C. Date Received: <br /> /6.\ 12/21/21 <br /> 1k00 <br /> , COA File# <br /> SDP-2021-0012 <br /> STATE ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY ACT <br /> NOTICE OF DETERMINATION OF NON-SIGNIFICANCE (DNS) <br /> Project Name: Cap Sante RV Park and JKL Parking Lot Improvements <br /> Location: Cap Sante Marina-North Basin 600 T Street, Anacortes, Washington, 98221 <br /> Proponent: Port of Anacortes <br /> Description of Proposal: The Port of Anacortes (Port) proposes to redevelop an existing 26 space <br /> RV Park and adjacent gravel parking lot at Cap Sante Marina. Improvements would modernize the RV <br /> Park with updated facilities for RV Park guests and pave and install stormwater facilities and <br /> landscaping at the JKL parking lot. There would be no change in use at the current site and there <br /> would be a reduction of one RV space in the redevelopment. The existing site is currently an <br /> unimproved gravel RV Park and parking area without amenities, utilities, or appropriate stormwater <br /> handing facilities. The project would include the following individual components: <br /> • Paving of the interior RV Park driveways and the JKL parking lot to reduce erodible and dust <br /> producing surfaces. <br /> • Modification of RV parking to 25 pull-through spaces and installation of two Americans with <br /> Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible spaces with suitable slopes to facilitate access. Grading and <br /> paving of the adjacent existing parking lot would increase parking spaces from about 90 to <br /> 130. <br /> • Grading and leveling of approximately 4 acres of the existing gravel RV Park and parking lot to <br /> establish a grade for improved stormwater management. Approximately 2,500 cubic yards <br /> (CY) of cut and 7,880 CY of fill would be graded. <br /> • Installation of updated stormwater infrastructure, including catch basins, conveyances, and <br /> treatment facilities would be completed to meet Washington State Department of Ecology <br /> (Ecology) stormwater management standards. <br /> • Provision of utilities including water, electricity, cable, and sanitary sewer to each pull through <br /> RV space. Installation of fire hydrants for emergency fire suppression within the RV park and <br /> JKL parking lot. <br /> • Construction of a 1,100 square foot (sf) single story utility/restroom/shower/laundry building <br /> with keyed access <br /> • Installation of landscaping to provide privacy to RV Park guests and limit visual impacts to the <br /> surrounding neighborhood. Lawn and landscaping open space would prevent sediment runoff <br /> and improve aesthetics. Approximately 40% (about 1-acre) of the existing RV Park would be <br /> open space. Further landscaping at the JKL parking lot within the traffic islands would be <br /> completed along with the provision of two green spaces totaling 0.7 acres of public use green <br /> space. <br /> • Installation of a sidewalk, crosswalks, pedestrian access, and a rockery retaining wall along <br /> Market Street. A planting strip with street trees planted every 25 feet on-center would be <br /> installed along Market Street and 6th Street. <br /> During construction, contractors would be required to implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) <br /> for erosion control consistent with Ecology's Stormwater Management Manual for Western <br /> Washington. BMPs such as construction fencing, silt fence, covered stockpiles, and inlet protection <br />