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FOOD VENDORS <br /> UPCOMING CHANGES TO FIRE CODE ENFORCEMENT IN SKAGIT COUNTY <br /> Beginning in 2019, Fire Departments in Western Washington will be enforcing an existing Fire <br /> Code that impacts our festival food vendors. The following are points that will be enforced and <br /> that you should address before the 2019 Festival Season: <br /> 1. You may not cook anything that produces grease laden vapors larger than 5 microns, <br /> under a canopy, without a Type 1 Fire Suppression Hood. Even if the canopy is fire <br /> retardant. <br /> 2. Warming of food is okay with the use of sterno or propane. <br /> 3. Cooking that produces grease under a non-combustible structure (e.g. Metal) will be <br /> allowed. <br /> 4. There will be a minimum of 10' separation between cooking equipment and any canopy, <br /> building structure or vehicle. <br /> 5. All food vendors that produce grease laden vapors will have a Class K rated extinguisher, <br /> that is current in certification. All food vendors shall have an ABC type fire extinguisher <br /> with a minimum rating of 2A:10B:C with current certification. <br /> 6. Propane must be outside of canopy and secured. <br /> 7. All food vendors will need to complete an application with the City of Anacortes prior to <br /> the Festival and will be subject to inspection before service may begin. <br /> 8. All mobile food vendors must have a current Skagit County Inspection and a Washington <br /> State Labor and Industries Inspection. Note: L& I is one time inspection, Skagit County <br /> is an annual inspection performed by a participating Fire Department. <br />