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Dish Page 2 <br />SESEA00415A <br /> <br />Predicted Equipment Sound Levels <br />24 Hour Operation Equipment <br />The following table presents a summary of the equipment and their associated noise levels: <br /> <br />Table 1: Equipment Noise Levels <br />Equipment dBA (each) Quantity Combined <br />dBA @ 5 ft <br />Charles CUBE PM63912 62 dBA @ 5 ft 1 62 <br />Total dBA (All cabinets combined) 62 <br /> <br />Methods established by ARI Standard 275-2010 and ASHRAE were used in predicting equipment <br />noise levels to the receiving properties. Application factors such as location, height, and reflective <br />surfaces are accounted for in the calculations. <br /> <br />The equipment will be located at grade surrounded by a chain-link fence. The nearest receiving <br />property is approximately 40 feet east of the equipment. The following table presents the <br />predicted sound level at the nearest receiving property: <br /> <br />Table 2: Predicted Noise Levels: Proposed Equipment Cabinets <br />Line Application Factor E <br />1 Sound Pressure Level at 5 ft (dBA), Lp1 62 <br />2 Distance Factor (DF) <br />Inverse-Square Law (Free Field): DF = 20*log (d1/d2) <br />-18 <br />(40 ft) <br />3 New Equipment Sound Pressure Level at Receiver, Lpr <br />(Add lines 1 and 2) 44 <br /> <br />As shown in Table 2, the sound pressure level from the proposed equipment is predicted to be <br />44 dBA at the nearest receiving property to the east, which meets the 60 dBA code limit. Noise <br />levels at other receiving properties, which are further away, will be lower and within code limits. <br /> <br /> <br />