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SESEA00415 Fidalgo Mini Storage <br />19.68.100 Permit Application <br />Page 1 <br /> <br /> <br />19.68.100 Permit application—All other wireless facilities. <br /> <br />A. Application. A complete application for a wireless service facility permit or wireless conditional use <br />permit for wireless facilities other than small wireless facilities and eligible support structures or EFRs <br />must include the following information and materials on a form provided by the Director. For the <br />purposes of this section, a complete application includes: <br /> <br />1. The name and address of the applicant. <br /> <br />Applicant <br />DISH Wireless, LLC <br />5701 South Santa Fe Drive <br />Littleton, CO 80120 <br /> <br />Agent <br />Jeff Smith, Ryka Consulting <br />5628 Airport Way S, Suite 330 <br />Seattle, WA 98108 <br /> <br />2. Identification of all carriers using the facility. <br /> <br /> DISH Wireless (proposed). Future colocation capability is designed in this project. <br /> <br />3. If the applicant is not the owner or person in control of the eligible support structure or site, an <br />attestation that the owner or person in control of the eligible support structure and/or site has <br />consented to the proposed facility modification. If the eligible support structure is to be located within a <br />public right-of-way, the applicant must also attest that the applicant has authorization to install, <br />maintain, and operate transmission equipment in, under and above the public right-of-way. <br /> <br /> Not Applicable <br /> <br />4. A description of compliance with the applicable visibility and performance standards set forth in AMC <br />19.68.200. This includes, but is not limited to: <br /> <br />a. A scaled site plan clearly indicating the location, type and height of the proposed facility, or <br />colocation, on-site land uses and zoning, adjacent land uses and zoning, comprehensive plan <br />classification of the site, proposed means of access, setbacks from property lines, spacing between <br />tower(s) and other structures, elevation drawings of the proposed tower and any other structures, <br />topography of the site, and proposed parking; <br /> <br /> Please see the drawing set submitted with this application. <br /> <br />12/10/2021 <br />PLN-2021-0019