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Fidalgo Marina Owners Association, Emergency Breakwater Repairs <br /> <br />Project Narrative <br /> <br />Emergency repairs will take place waterward of the OHW at a depth of approximately -18 ft MLLW. The <br />site will be accessed from Fidalgo Bay but work will be within the confines of the marina. No temporary <br />fill will be used. The proposed repair work will not require pile driving. Piles will be replaced in situ (no <br />removing piles). <br /> <br />All piles are steel and measure 12.75 inches diameter by 40 feet long. <br /> <br />These piles will be repaired using an internal pile repair system. Repair system will be CarboSleeve (sleeve) <br />or CarboShield (also referred to as a temporary jacket or formwork herein) or approved equivalent. The <br />temporary jackets or equivalent will be applied to the perforated portions of the pile to prevent grout from <br />entering marine waters (Figure 3). Temporary formwork will be applied to the perforated portions of the <br />pile to prevent grout from entering marine waters. Temporary formwork, to be provided by the contractor, <br />could be fabricated from steel/timber or other acceptable materials. The sleeves will be inserted into the <br />existing batter piles and grout pumped into the sleeve to reinforce and strengthen the batter pile (Figure 4). <br />Work will be performed from a barge; utilizing divers as required. <br /> <br />Based on the emergency situation definition above, the severely damaged batter piles of the East and <br />North Breakwaters pose a significant loss of property if not repaired immediately and prior to the next <br />major storm that could cause the breakwaters to fail. <br />Fidalgo Marina is protected by three breakwaters. Two of the breakwaters, North and East breakwater, <br />are owned by the Marina. The breakwaters are supported by steel batter piles that have sustained severe <br />corrosive damage with some damage to the point of perforation (Figure 1). <br />An inspection found 22 batter piles in the North Breakwater and East Breakwater to have sustained severe <br />corrosion (Figure 2) (Echelon 2021). In addition, the remaining three of the North Breakwater batter piles <br />have moderate damage requiring repair. Severe Damage was defined as protective coating or wrap <br />damaged and loss of wall thickness exceeding 50 percent of nominal at any location. Moderate damage is <br />defined as protective coating or wrap damaged and loss of thickness 15 to 30 percent of nominal; over 50 <br />percent of perimeter or circumference affected by corrosion at any elevation or cross section; loss of <br />thickness 15 to 30 percent of nominal. <br /> <br />Fidalgo Marina will repair the remaining <br />piles under a Nationwide Permit <br />Application. This emergency application <br />is for the Severely and Major Damaged <br />piles. <br /> <br />Schedule is contingent upon availability <br />of materials including barge. It is <br />anticipated that the repairs would be <br />Figure 1Fidalgo Marina Breakwaters