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WETLAND <br />LEGEND <br />PLEASE NOTE: THIS SITE PLAN DOES NOT REPRESENT A PROFESSIONAL SURVEY. BACHMAN <br />ENVIRONMENTAL USED THE HAND SKETCH FROM PERMAMILT TO LOCATE THE EXISTING AND <br />PROPOSED BUILDINGS, AND LOCATED THE WETLAND USING A COMBINATION OF SATELLITE & LIDAR <br />IMAGES, & GPS-ENABLED SMARTPHONE WITH GPS RECEIVER THAT WAS ACCURATE TO WITHIN 2.5M . <br />APPLICANT: SHEET TITLE: <br />2406 VISTA LANE <br />ANACORTES, WA <br />(TAX PARCEL P29464) <br />SECTION 25, TOWNSHIP 35N RANGE 1E, W.M. <br />SITE LOCATION:DATE: 12/17/21 <br />SCALE: 1" = 100' <br />BY: A . BACHMAN <br />PH: (206) 963-2909 <br />SITE PLAN SHEET: 1 OF 1 <br />Dale Parkins <br />2406 Vista Lane <br />Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />5' <br />5' <br />EXISTING <br />MOBILE <br />HOME <br />1,152 SF <br />VISTA <br />L <br />A <br />N <br />E <br />3' <br />PROPOSED <br />GARAGE <br />20' X 24' <br />(480 SF) <br />EX. DECK <br />160 SF <br />EX. AC <br />C <br />E <br />S <br />S <br />1 ,200 SF <br />EX. SHED <br />170 SF <br />TBR <br />72' <br />150' <br />S1 <br />S2 <br />SEE PERMABILT PLAN <br />FOR BMPs & STORMWATER <br />PLAN <br />CATEGORY III <br />WETLAND <br />150' BUFFER <br />CATEGORY III <br />WETLAND <br />150' BUFFER <br />SAMPLE POINTS 1-2S1S2 <br />N <br />E <br />S <br />W <br />Scale 1" = 30' <br />3015 45 600 <br />VISTA TOO <br />COMMON A <br />R <br />E <br />A <br />(SEE REC <br />O <br />R <br />D <br />E <br />D <br /> <br />P <br />L <br />A <br />T <br />)