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`\'LII\ESU.'.Y.DECE\IISLR 2)),2021 _ ^_ COANACURTES,COM ANACOkTES AvIERIC:\V/YOt.'K FIDA.GO A7 <br /> • <br /> . • Noti <br /> ..._ ... , ... <br /> ___......_ ......__ _________ <br /> ..-. . . <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br />• Inn. 212— <br /> mi— <br /> mow <br /> ROAD, SEDRO WOOL- er(s)and Grantor(s).These Trustee Sale Number:WA- -onul representative of t,napter was impact rees <br /> Legate LEY.WA 98284 Subject to requirements were coin- 19-869402-SW Sale Line: this estate. Any person in accordance with SHB <br /> that certain Deed of Trust pleted as of 11/2/2019. 916-939-0772 or Login having a claim against the 1331 and ROW 82.02.060. <br /> dated 11,6/2007,recorded VII. The hurter whose to: http://wa.quahtyloan. decedent must,before the The proposed amend- <br /> IDSPU 496 11/8,2007, under Instru- name and address are set tom IDSPub 80174496 time the claim would be m is would: <br /> NOTICE ICE oF merit No 200711080060 forth below will provide In 12/8/2021 12/29/202 barred by any otherwise • Limit impact fees 'm- <br /> TRUSTEE'S SALE .nd modified as per Mod- writing to anyone request- applicable statute of rims Posed on the develop- <br /> Pursuant to the.Revised hcation Agreement record- ing it,a statement of all Published itations,present the claim m nt of early learning fa- <br /> Code of Washington ed 3/19/2G14 as Instru- costs and fees due at any December_8 29,2021 inthe manner as provid- ctnies(as desired in RCW <br /> merit No. 201403190018 time prior to the sale,VIII- At-137493 ed in RCW 11.40.070 by 43.31.565)to no greater <br /> 61.24,et seq.108 1st Ave records of SKAGIT Court- The effect of the sale will serving on or mailing to than those Imposed on <br /> South. Suite 202 Seat- ty Washington.from BAR- be to deprive the Grant- the personal represents- commercial retail or corn- <br /> fie, WA WA-a Trustee PARA J. CHITWOOD, or and all those who hold live or the personal repre- martial office develop- <br />• Sala No:WA-19569402- T y y met activities that have <br /> SW Title Order No.: AS HER SEPARATE ES- by,through or under the address <br /> ive's attome at the <br /> 191107304-WA-MSI Ref- TATE, as grantorjs), to Grantor of all their interest _/A addre stated below a similar vehicle trip charac- <br /> ersnce Number of Deotl LAND TITLE COMPANY in the above-described copy of the claim and fir- Leder. <br /> Di Trust: Instrument e. OF SKAGIT COUNTY,as property,IX.Anyone lieu- 'b g the original of the claim • Exemern <br /> pt early learning <br /> 200711080060 Parcel original trustee,to secure ing any objections to this Co with the court In which facilities that meet certain <br /> Number(s):360518-3-007- an obligation in favor of sale on any grounds what- the probate proceedings requirements from pay- <br /> AMERICAN GENERAL soever will be afforded an were commenced. The men;of impact lees <br /> 0018, P51008 Grantor(s; HOME EQUITY INC.,as opportunity to be heard as claim must prented <br /> for Recording Purposes <br /> der RCW 65.04.015: original beneficiary, thosese <br /> the to those objections if they City of Anacortes within the later of:(1)Thir- Comments <br /> BAA J.CHITWOOD, beneficial Interest in which bring a lawsuit to restrain INVITATION TO BID: ty days after the personal Comments may be made <br /> AS AS NECHER SEPARATE ES- was sned o 12,0.subsequently as- the sale pursuant to RCW 32nd Street and representative served or at the public hearing or <br /> vance <br /> TATE turret Beneficiary TIONALo ASSOCIATION, such a laws BANK NA- 61.24.130, uit may mooailure to n mprovements M Avenue rProject creditor section t as provided he noti.tunder of o the atheameeting to sent in g Libby <br /> o the Deed of Tm�and NOT IN ITS INDIVIDUAL in a waiver of any proper RCW 11.A5.020(1)(c);or(2) 9 Planning Manager. <br /> Grantee Or Recording <br /> Gra e, gg <br /> Purposes under RCW CAPACITY BUT SOLE- grounds for Invalidating NOTICE IS HEREBY four months after the date at pbbyb®dWofanacortes <br /> ATIO 1S): U.S. BANK Id LY AS TRUSTEE FOR the Trustee's sale.X.NO- GIVEN that sealed bids of first publication of the ea <br /> NATIONAL.ASSOCIATION, THE CAM TRUST 2018- TICE TO OCCUPANTS OR will be received at the notice.It the claim Is not <br /> NOT IN ITS INDIVIDUAL R3 MORTGAG BACKED TENANTS-The purchas- office of the Clerk-Tres- presented within this time Meeting Location <br /> CAPACITY BUT SOLE- NOTES,SERIES under <br /> 2018-R3, er at the Trustee's Sale is surer, Municipal Build- frame,the claim is fore, Meeting attendance op- <br /> LY AS TRUSTEE FOR the Beneficiary,under an entitled to possession of ingg,P.O.Box 547,904 Cr boned,except as oth- lions will be posted on <br /> THE CIM TRUST 2018- assignment recorded un- the property on the 20th Eth Street, Anacortes, erwrse provided in RCW the applicable agenda <br /> R3 S, SEMORTGAG BACKED der Auditors File Number day following the sale,as WA 98221,until 1:30pm This 051 and live an 0. published the week be- <br /> NOTES, SERIES 2018- 20191 010088 II.No ac- against the Grantor under local time on Thursday, This bar is effective as to fore the meeting.Agen- <br /> Current Trustee of the on commenced by the the deed of trust(the own- January 20 2022, at claims against both the dos and virtual meeting <br /> Deeder Beneficiaryof the Deed er)and anyone having an which time(lids will be decedent's probate and participation instructions <br /> Trust: Quality <br /> / f Trust as referenced in interest junior to the deed opened and publicly non-probate assets. and connection infoona- <br /> Loan Service Corporation RCW 61.21.030(4)is now of trust, including occu- read for the 32nd Street don can be viewed here' <br />• of Washington Current pending to seek setts- pants who em not tenants, and M Avenue Inter- Date of First Publication httas://www.snaconeswa. <br /> Loan Mortgage Sewicer faction of the obligation Ater the 20th day follow- section Improvements 12'22/21 aov/700/Meeting-Docu- <br /> of the Deed Of Trust:Na- in any Court by reason of ing the sale the purchaser Project II 19-002-TRN /s/ merits-end-Video. Hear- <br /> twnstar Mortgage LLC the Borrower's or Grant- has the right to evict occu- (Federal Aid #: HSIP- CHRISTINE RUfH SNOW ings will be conducted in <br /> cffielaTICE Mr Cooper IVEN or's default on the oblige- pants who are not tenants 210(004).The City will Personal Representative accordance with the rules <br /> TICE IS HEREBY GIVEN siren secured by the Deed by summary proceedings not Consider bids re- Attorney for Personal Rep- of procedure adopted by <br /> that Quality Loan Service of Trust/Mortgage.III.The under Chapter 59.12 RCW. Ceived after that lime euentative:Marcia A.Mel- the hearing body. <br /> Corp.of Washington,the default(s) for which this For tenant-occupied prop- and date. The project linger <br /> Undersigned at <br /> will foreclosure is made is/are ern.the purchaser shall provides for the con- Address for Mailing or Ser- Members of the public <br /> on m1ain e2,at 10:in AM as follows:Failure to pay provide a tenant with writ- stnlctlon of a single lane vice:7801 Green Lake Dr, who require special ae- <br /> At main entrance to the when due the following ten notice in accordance roundabout at the inter- N.,Seattle,WA 98103 sistance to participate in <br /> Skagit County Courthouse amounts which are now w'lh RCW 61,24,060, section of 32nd Street or access the public hear- <br />. on 3ro&Kincaid St,boat- arrears: $42,317,65. THIS NOTICE IS THE Fl- and M Avenue. Work Published ing may contact the <br />. ed at 205 W.Kincaid St, IV.The sum owing on the NAL STEP BEFORE THE will include traffic con- December 22,29,2021 Clerk 24 hours before the <br /> Mount Vernon,WA ion 73 <br /> to obligation secured by the FORECLOSURE SALE OF trot:Clearing;grubbing; January 5,2022 meeting to make special <br /> sell at public auction to Deed of Trust is:The prin- YOUR HOME. You may grading;roadway exca- ,bA-181673 arrangements. Dial 360- <br /> the highest and best bid- ..;pal sum of 8121,394.76, be eligible for mediation. nation;wstallin an en- 299- <br /> der.payable the form g 1960. <br /> o credit bid or cash bid together whh Interest as You have only 20 DAYS CIOsed atOnn drainage <br /> in the tone of cashier's provided in the Note from from the recording date system; placing gravel Published <br /> cneck o:certified checks 2/1/2019 and such oth- of this notice to roue base and onus sun- (Aa December 29,2021 <br /> from federally or State er costs,fees,and charges mediation,DO NOT DE- facing top course;hot AA-184156 <br /> as am due under the Note, LAY.CONTACT A HOES- 000 asphalt paving; <br /> chartered banks, at the �+ <br /> Deed of Tntst,or other In- INC COUNSELOR OR AN concrete curb and 't- H� <br /> gut- <br /> time of sale the.following stmment secured,and as ATTORNEY LICENSED lets, curb ramps, and '1COP <br /> described real property, are provided by statute,V. IN WASHINGTON NOW sidewalk, landscap- c,1 t n'r <br /> situated in the County of The above-described real to assess your situation ing;a rectangular rapid . <br /> SKAGIT, State of Wash- property will be sold to and refer you to media- flashing beacon system The following is a summa- <br /> ngton,to-wit:All that poi- •satisfy the expense of sale lion if you are eligible and (RRFB) across each ry of an Ordinance pawed �ry <br /> Lion of the South o h the gy help you saveyour leg Of the roundabout; by the Anacortes City rtTef' <br /> North 2lb of the Southeast and the obligation rustres it m <br /> ', f the Southwest ;r. by the Deed to Trusts home.See below for N spavementigning;a dmarkingsr rand Council on December 20. <br /> o Section 18,Township ale providedwill bbeymadete.Said sources of without ASSISTANCEIp SEEKINGHousing ad items work.rPhys- 2021. The following is a summa- <br /> 35 North,Range 5 East, warranty.expressed or im- counselors and legal as- cal Completion shall ORDINANCE NO.4007 ry of an Ordinance passed <br /> W.M.,that lies Easterly of plied,regarding title,pos- sistance may be available be achieved within 20 by the Anacortes City <br /> the centerline of the Ban- session or encumbrances at little or no cost to you. Working days, in ac- AN ORDINANCE AUTHO- Council on December 20. <br /> natoo Power Ad minis- an 1 7/2022.The defaults If you would like aeeie- csrdance with the No- SIZING AN INTERFUND 2021. <br /> tration Paver Line Road, referred to Paragraph tance In determinin your tics to Proceed.A Din- LOAN BETWEEN THE <br /> m <br /> cinch centerline is more p,Y <br /> particularly described as III must be cured by rights and opportunities to advantaged Business PARKS AND RECRE- ORDINANCE NO.4006 <br /> ON FUND AND THE <br /> follows. Beginning at a tore I/2021 (11 days be- keep your house,you may Enterprise(DBE) man- PARKS CONSTRUCTION AN ORDINANCE AUTHO- <br /> point on the East line of fore the sale date).or by contact the following:The datory goal of 11%has <br /> lain Souttnves['/.of Sec- other date as permitted in statewide foreclosure ho- been established for the FUND RISING AN INTERFUND <br /> E <br /> Lion 18,which point tears the Note or Deed of Trust, trine for assistance and re- project.The City,in ac- LOAN BETWEEN THE <br /> North,which Est a ears to cause a discontinuance feria!to housing counsel- Cisisns f with the pro- A copy of the complete WATER FUND AND THE <br /> reote or 31'27 51 feel from of the sale.The sale will be ore recommended by the visions Of Title VI of the text of each ordinance is STORM SEWER FUND <br /> the Southeast corner Dt discontinued and tenni- Housing Finance Commis- Civil Rights Act of 1964 posted at the Anacortes <br /> said Southwest N.which noted d at any time before $ion:Toll-free:1-877-894- (78 Stat.252 42 U.S.C. Cqy Hall,Anacortes Mu- A copy of the nmplete <br /> point is in the centerline 12._712021 (11 days be- HOME (1-877-894-4663) 2000d to 2000d-4)and recipe!Building,6th Street text of each ordinance is <br /> of Thompson'$ Gulch; fore me sale),or by other or Web site:http://www, the Regulations,hereby and Q Avenue.Upon re- posted at the Anacortes <br /> Mu- <br /> thence South 82°Gulch; date as permitted in the notifies all bidders that quest to the City Clerk's City Hall,Anacortes Mu- <br /> West along the centerline Nate or Deed of Trust,the hemeownershrp/postpur- it will affirmatively en- Office (360-293-1900) niupal Building,6th Street <br /> o Tl alnpsorle Gulch,a default s set Mrh In Para- chase counselors fore- sure that in any contract copies will be mailed. and 0 Avenue.Upon re- <br /> graph III is cured and the closure-ham The United entered into pursuant quest to the City Clerk's <br /> distance of 75,39 feet: Trustee's fees and costs States Department of to this advertisement. Steven D.Hoglund Office (360-293-1900) <br /> [hence North 87°29'31" re paid.Payment must Housing and Urban Devel- disadvantaged busi- City Clerk copies will be mailed. <br /> Wee'191,02 feet;trance be in cash or with ca- pment:Toll-free: 1-800- Hess enterprises will <br /> North 70°43'40" West shiers or certified checks 569-4287 or National Web be afforded full and fair Published Steven D.Hoglund <br /> „07.63 feet,more or less, from a State or federally Site:http:Hpoll l,hud,gov/ opportunity to submit December 29,2021 City Clerk <br /> to' en rntersectbn of said chartered bank.The sale hudportaVHUD or for Lo- bids in response to this AA-184712 <br /> centerline of Thompson's may be temninalod any cal counseling agencies in invitation and will not be Published <br /> Gulch and the centerline time after the 12,27/2021 Washington: http://www. discriminated against December 29,2021 <br /> of the Bonneville Pow- (11 days before the sale on the grounds of race, AA-184707 <br /> Adminlsti salon Power date)anU before the sale, hoc/fidindex,cfm?webLis- color,or national origin 1�,1�r_ <br /> Line Road:thence South by the Borrower or Grant- tAction=search&search- in consideration for an 1�R <br /> 03°30' .esl along said or or the holder of any state=WA&filterSvc=dfc award. A bid deposit <br /> power line.road a distance recorded junior lien or en- The statewide civil legal equal to 5%of the bid yry7 ,'l <br /> I 68 feet:thence con- cumbrance byrequired.Bid 0006� f�C <br />. tfnumg along the center of paying the aid hotline for assistance amount Is <br /> id power line mod South principal and Interest,plus and referrals to other specifications are avail- <br /> • costs,fees and advances, housing counselors and able free of charge at y�. <br /> 04°45' West 200 feet: ',cote' <br /> South• 01°West 100 feet; if any.made pursuant to ttorneys: Telephone: little://bXWa.C.O. Notice Of Public rob <br /> South 08°15' 1Nast 20C the terms of the obligation 1-800-606-4819 or Web Heating <br /> feet; South08.1 1�45'West and/or Deed of Trust,and site: Published <br /> 200 feet; South th 23' curing all other defaults. what-clear Additional in- December 22,29 2021 Public Hearing Body:Ana- NOTICE OF DECISION <br /> • East 1 to feet;South 30' VI,A written Notice of De- formation provided by the AA-182777 tortes City Council <br /> East 120 feet, South fault was transmitted by Trustee:If you have pm- Public Hearing Date:Mon- File Number:SDP-2021- <br /> 29°45'Wee'1®feet aid the Beneficiary or Trust- vrousy been discharged day,January 10,2021,at 0005 <br /> • South i0e West along said se to the Borrower's)and through bankruptcy, you 6:00 PM Project Name:Anacortes <br /> • centerline and said center- Grantor(s) by both first may have been leased IN THE SUPERIOR Proposal Name:Amend- Wastewater Treatment <br /> lien produced to the eouth class and certified mail, of personal liability for this COURT OF THE ants to AMC Ch.3.93 Plant Outfall Relocation <br /> line of said too the So th proof of which Is in the loan In which case this let- STATE OF Impact Fees to address Property Owner:City of <br /> of Section en'TOGEfH- possession of the Trust- ter is intended to exercise WASHINGTON impact fees for Early Anacortes <br /> ER WITH an easement .and the Borrower and the noteholders FOR KING COUNTY Learning Facilities Project Location:U Ave- <br /> igr ingress, eagress and Grantor were personally rights against the real Documents Available at: nue Right of Way,north of <br /> utilities vet' i across served,if applicable,with property only,The Trust- In Re the Estate of: h00s://www005r1e eswa 3rd Street <br /> a 60 foot strip of land as said written Notice of De- ee's Sale Number Is WA- ocYL1 WArLcgrleo-Mu- <br /> el forth in Declaration er fault or the written Notice 19-869402-SW, Dated: ROBERT CHARLES CcipaL-iienUPdiffes Project Description: <br /> Easement recorded under of Default was posted in a Service <br /> 021 Quality Loan TRINKLEIN Contact Penton Libby The applicant is requesting <br /> Auditor's file No,736310 conspicuous place on the Service Corp, of Wash- Deceased Grage,Planning Manager a Type-4 shoreline sub- <br /> and as recorded in nlstru- al property described in 'gton,as Trustee By:Jeff Planning, Community & stantial development per- <br /> recorded under Au- Paragraph I above, and ee sAd n,President Trust- NO,21-4-08346-7SEA Economic Development mit and shoreline condi- <br /> ments• ditor's File Nos-733344 the Trustee has posses- ee's Address:Quality Loan PROBATE NOTICE TO Department onal use permit to replace <br /> and 733's4E Situate in the sion of proof of such see- Service Corp.of Washing- CREDITORS Publish Date: December and relocate the damaged <br /> County of Skagit,State of vice or posting,The list ton 108 1 st Ave South RCW 11,40.030 29,0021 be <br /> pipe.The new pipe <br /> Washington. of recipients of the Notre Suite 202, Seattle, WA will be a 48-inch diameter <br /> More commonly known as: of Default is listed within 98104 For questions cell The personal tin- Proposal Description Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe <br /> 2887 BLUE MOUNTAIN the Notice of Foreclosure toll-free (866) 925-0241 tatve named below has The proposal is to amend (FRP)pipe coming from <br /> provided to the Borrow- "' been appointed as per- Anacortes Municipal Code the WM:.for 1,631 feet <br /> i <br />