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Developed Conditions Summary: <br /> (Additionally, to be shown on the site plan. Identify cut and fill areas, proposed slopes of all hard <br /> surfaces , proposed contours) / ( d -r <br /> Site Sediment Transport Score: Total Points (High\Low) (See Determining Construction Site <br /> Sediment Damage Potential(Appendix 7) <br /> Complete the Applicability Requirements— Flow Chart (Figure I-2.4.1 Attached, Figure 1-2.4.2 Attached <br /> and Figure I-2.5.1 Attached) <br /> - Highlight the path and attach <br /> DOE Stormwater Management Manual Minimum Requirements: (MR#1 to MR#5 only). <br /> Refer to the 2012 Department of Ecology Manual, as amended in 2014 for further required information. <br /> Version Date: December 19, 2018 <br />