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Storm Water Minimum Requirements #2 <br /> ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT <br /> 904 6th Street Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> ‘711,11 C re(4 <br /> <br /> Official Use Only: (Information to Inspectors) <br /> Required Storm Water Facility and other related requirements: <br /> Sediment score Low. existing structure is being moved slightly to the west and a new foundation is being installed <br /> Project Address: 5 . I a,i'��S-\ Submittal Date: <br /> Parcel Number: P c 200-1 Revision Number: <br /> Permit Number: Acceptance Date (COA): 7/20/2020 <br /> Reviewer: Rob F. <br /> FRONT OF REPORT <br /> Submittal Checklist: <br /> o TAB 1 - Drainage Analysis— Minimum Requirement#2 <br /> o APPENDIX 1 - Survey performed by a Professional Land Surveyor <br /> o APPENDIX 2 - Model Soil Management Plan for BMP T5.13 <br /> o APPENDIX 3 - Determining Construction Site Sediment Damage Potential (Appendix 7) <br /> o APPENDIX 4 - Site Plan with all applicable information (Minimum Size 11x17 —30 scale) <br /> o APPENDIX 5 - Documented Site Photos (North, South, East and West) <br /> Project Description: (What is it you are looking to do? Provide details regarding, but not limited to, Lot SF, <br /> Home SF, New and Replaced Hard Surface) <br /> mC1;.:,ac �C�eS �,;.8` [4 'AWW1 At.(A' lc.rt. f1co',/Mo aiiL"�' f;�:, 61,k,) <br /> Existing Site Conditions Summary: <br /> (Additionally, provide information on previous permits, if any, like Grade and Fill, Clear and Grade, topography, <br /> vegetation, drainage, Critical Areas adjacent to the site and how it may affect this project if soils are disturbed, <br /> Soils Type (Included in Soils Analysis Report), Erosion Problem Areas, Construction PhasinglSequence) <br /> / Y3— rig I1� 1 <br /> Version Date: December 19, 2018 <br />