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• SYEnscs,AT.DEcllto . <br /> >18Ek 22,2021 cOANACOR1'Es.COM ANAOORI'ES A?1ERICAN/YOST FIDALGO A7 <br /> .. <br /> . ... <br /> Y r , Notices <br /> . .... .. <br /> • <br />• <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> ® ® ® Legals <br /> OF <br /> OR Inn fir l r ALL IYAL nanCe plan,re opgraoe <br /> Legals OF ANACORTES Y 'airy PURPOSES AND USES (3)dolphins replace the <br /> FOR THE YEAR 2022 loading apron,and update <br /> IN THE SUPERIOR A copy of the complete - the wingwall. <br /> text of each ordinance is A copyof the complete <br /> COURT OF THE posted at the Anacortes ?y q: ?y c.? text teach ordinance is PROJECT LOCATION: <br /> STATE WASHINGTON City Hall.Anacortes Mu- aCn ',co, posted at the Anacortes Gucmes Island Ferry Ter- <br /> IN AND FOR THE nicipal Building,6th Street City Hall,Anacortes Mu- mina) - located at the <br /> COUNTY OF SKAGIT and Q Avenue.Upon re- nicipal Building.6th Street north end of I Ave <br /> In the Matter of the Es- guest to the City Clerk's The following Is a summa- and Q Avenue.Upon re- MEETING DATE&TIME: <br /> rate of tie Shirley Joyce be mailed. <br /> City of ONTO es ry of an Ordinance passed quest to the City Clerk's Jan 6,2022,at 6:00 PM <br /> Henning, y copies will be mailed. INVITATION TO BID: by the Anacortes City Office be mailed. <br /> via Zoom <br /> Deceased- Hoglund32nd Street and Council on December 13, copies will be mailed, <br /> Steven D. M Avenue Intersection 2021. HOW TO JOIN THE <br /> Na.21-4.00524.29 City Clerk Improvements Project Steven D,Hoglund MEETING: <br /> ?300ATE NOTICE TO ORDINANCE NO.4005 City Clerk Dial by your location <br /> CREDITORS Published NOTICE IS HEREBY +1 253 215 8782 US(Ta- <br /> December'22,2021 GIVEN that sealed bids AN ORDINANCE Published coma) <br /> AA-181328 wit be received at the AMENDING ORDINANCE December 22,2021 1 346 248 7799 US <br /> The Personal Represan- <br /> I tatu'e anted below has office of the Clerk-Tres- NO,3078 ADOPTED ON AA-181309 (Houston) <br /> been appointed ed as Per- Surer, Municipal Build- DECEMBER 21, 2020, +1 669 900 6833 US(San <br /> sonar apepreseotuhus of Eve allyou inc.P.O.Box 547,904 ENTITLED "AN ORDI- Jose) <br /> Every 6th Street, Anacortes, NANCE ADOPTING THE +1 312 626 6799 US(Chi- <br /> this Estate. Any person WA 98221,until 1:30pm BUDGET FOR ALL MU- c`T r k sago) <br /> having a claim against the place runs online local time on Thursday, NICIPAL PURPOSES - 1 929 436 2866 US(New <br /> Decedent must,before the time the claim would be &in-print January 20, 2022 al AND USES FOR THE York) <br /> which time bids Wlll be YEAR 2021" 0v 1 301 715 8592 US <br /> barred by any otherwise opened and publicly 1co>i Washington DO) <br /> applicable statute of IIm- read for the 32nd Street A copy of the complete Meeting ID: 854 8289 <br /> Rations,present the claim IN THE SUPERIOR and M Avenue Inter- text of each ordinance is 6006 <br /> in the manner as prcvld- COURT OF THE section Improvements posted at the Anacortes The following is a summa- Find your local number <br /> ed in RCW 11.40.070 by STATE OF Project It 19-002-TEN City Hall,Anacortes Me- ry of an Ordinance passed hops://us06web,zoom. <br /> sensing on or maiing to WA5HINGTON ((Federal Aid le HSIP- nicipal Building,6th Street by the Anacortes City us/Wkco59PA9SG <br /> the Personal Represents- FOR KING COUNTY 8210(004),The City will and Q Avenue.Upon re- Council on December 13, <br /> t:ve or the Personal Rep- not consider bids re- quest to the City Clerk's 2021. Meeting ID: 854 8289 <br /> asentative's attorney at In Re the Estate of: ceivetl after that time Office (360-293-1900) 6006 <br /> tree address stated below and date.The project copies will be mailed. ORDINANCE NO.4002 One tap mobile <br /> a copy of the claim and ROBERT CHARLES provides for the con- 1 2 5 3 2 1 5 8 7 8 2, <br /> filing the original of the TRINKLEIN striation of a single lane Steven D.Hoglund AN ORDINANCE ESTAB- g5482a96006ft US <br /> claim with the Court.The Deceased roundabout at the inter- City Clerk LISHING A NEW SALARY crop:no) <br /> claim must presented section of 32nd Street SCHEDULE FOR THE 1 3 4 6 2 4 8 7 7 9 9, <br /> within the laterera of:(1)Thir- NO.21-4-08346-7 SFA and M Avenue. Work Published MAYOR'S POSITION 854628960064 US <br /> Rt•days alter the Personal PROBATE NOTICE TO will include traffic con- December 22,2021 (Houston) <br /> epresentative served or CREDITORS trot;Clearing;grubbing; AA-181331 A copy of the complete <br /> mailed the notice to the RCW 11.40.030 grading;roadway exca- text of each ordinance 1s OR connect with this <br /> Creditor as provided under cation'installing an en- posted at the Anacortes link: helps;//us08web <br /> RCW 11.40.after t:or 2) The personal en- closed storm drainage City Hall,Anacortes Mu- eoomyse/854828e6006 <br /> four months after the date tative named below has system;placing gravel G T v T nicipal Building,6th Street <br /> of flint publication of the been appointed as per- base and crushed sur- and O Avenue.Upon re- PROJECT APPLICANT <br /> notice.If the claim is not sonar representative of facing top course;hot quest to the City Cleric's Name: Confluence Em•i- <br /> presented within this time this estate. Any parson mix asphalt paving; % be mailed, <br /> 93-1900) nmental Co. <br /> frame,the claim is force- having a claim against the concrete curb and gut- 'YCo1'' copies will be Attn:Marlene Headers <br /> er barred,except as oth- decedent must•before the tern, curb ramps, and Phone:206-724-5781 <br /> erwise provided in RCN. time the claim would be Sidewalk, liner rapid <br /> p- Steven D.Hoglund Email:marlene,meadersD <br /> 11.40.051 and 11,40.06to barred be any otherwise ing;a rectangular rapid The following Is a summa- City Clerk <br /> This ear is effective as to applicable statute of Ilm- flashingbeacon system ry et an Ordinance passed <br /> Maims against both the in this,present the claim be(RREBy01 across each by the Anacortes City Published APPLICANT/PROPERTY <br /> Decedents probate and the manner as placid- leg of the roundabout' Council on December 13. December 22,2021 OWNER <br /> nonprobate assets, ed in RCW 11.40.070 by pavement markings and 2021. AA-181327 Name:Skagit County <br /> serving on or mailing to stoning;and Other refer- Attn: Captain Rachel <br /> Data of First Publication: the personal represents- ed trans of work.Phys- ORDINANCE NO,3999 Rowe <br /> December Bth,2021 live or the personal repro- iced Completion shall `•t Phone:360-416-1466 <br /> Personal Representative: sentences attorney at the be achieved within 20 AN ORDINANCE ADOPT- ,• Email: rrowellco.skagit. <br /> Erika Lee Larsen address stated below a Working tlayis in ac- ING THE CITY OF ANA- wain <br /> Attorney for the Person- copy of the claim and fit- lice with'the No- CORTES CAPITAL FAGIL- <br /> al Representative: Justin ing the original of the claim tics to Proceed.A Dis- ES PLAN (CEP) FOR 'Irt +' WHO CAN ATTEND A <br /> 1 Address <br /> with the court in which advantaged Business- THE 6-NEAR PERIOD NEIGHBORHOOD MEET- <br /> ING? <br /> vice:1008 6Or Street Ana- were commenced. The da[ory goal of 11%has NOTICE OF Neighborhood meeting <br /> cares.Washington 98221 claim must presented been established for the A copy of the complete notices are posted on the <br /> within the laterer of:(1)Thir- <br /> ty project.The City,In ac- text of each ordinance is <br /> cordance with the pro- posted at the Anacortes MEETING NEIGHBORHOOD project site,published in <br /> Bonnor-Oct n b o e c k days after the Re the Anacortes American <br /> Attorneys for Petitioner presentative serveedd or visions of Title VI Of the City Hall,Anacortes Mu- Newspaper,and mailed to <br /> 1008 5th Street mailed the notice to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 nicipal Building,6th Street A Pre-application neigh- neighboring landowners <br /> Anacortes, Washington creditor as provided under (78 Stat.052,42 U.S.C. and 0 Avenue.Upon re- boyhood meeting via video located within 300-feet of <br /> 98'221 RCW']1,40�20(1)(h or(2) 2000d to 2000d-4)and quest to the City Clerk's teleconference has been the subject property.Any- <br /> Daled this 1st day of four months after the date the Regulations,herebyOffice (36em led1900) scheduled to Introduce the one however Is welcome <br /> December 2021 of first publication of the na)tfie call bidders tht copies will be mailed, potential project described to attend a neighborhood <br /> By Justin Rothboeck notice.If the claim is not it will affirmatively en- below.The purpose of the meeting whether a neigh- <br /> W9B.4 e4 7458 presented within this time Sure that in any contract Steven D.Hogund he9 is to inform neigh- bet of the project or not. <br /> frame,the claim is force- entered into pursuant City Clerk born and interested parties <br /> Published or barred,except as oth- to this advertisement. about the potential project CAN I SUBMIT COM- <br /> December 8.15.& a provided in RCW Published at an early stage and to <br /> disadvantaged busi- foster communication be- MENTS? <br /> December-1 6491 This <br /> bar i and?iva 06to ness afforded <br /> fulll a will December 22,l307 ho me a ean ap- <br /> AA-176496 This bar g ehtetiva as to be afforded and mit AA-181307 tteen the apreplicant and hood meeting,itd an ap- <br /> decedaims against both the o P in r to submit the public ct Issuesg and <br /> pooant proceeds rvrith <br /> mal <br /> i y decedent's probate and bids in response t0 this tential project Issues and the submittal of a formal <br /> non-probate assets, invitation and will not be opportunities for solutions. land use <br /> Y permit will be <br /> Date o21 on the grounds off race. �t TION:To support antic- provided consistent with <br /> color,or national origin .y� 5 RP AMC requirements and <br /> >=^t fe /s/ in consideration for an et. Mated ridership through a public hearing will be <br /> CHRISTINE RUTH SNOW award. A bid deposit nP 2060 and to 6mi1 enw' held if applicable.Com- <br /> Personal Representative equal to 5%of the bid roe mental impacts of meets should be submit- <br /> Attorney for Personal Rep- amount is required.Bid the forty service, Skagit red during this phase of <br /> The followin g is a summa- tesentative:Marcia A.Mel- specifications are avail- The following is a summa- County is replacing the the project so that they will <br /> ry MI an Ordinance passed linger able free of charge at ry of an Ordinance passed current vessel with a bat- be a pan of the project re- <br /> by the Anacortes City Address for Mailing or sir-, by the Anacortes City tery-electric vessel. The cord. <br /> Council on December 13, vice:7801 Green Lake Dr. Council on December 13, proposed project is for the <br /> 2021. N.,Seattle,WA 98103 Published 2021. necessary terminal mod- Published <br /> ecations to support the <br /> December 22,29,202i December 22,2021 <br /> ORDINANCE NO,4003 Published AA-182777 ORDINANCE NO.4000 larger and heaver vessel. AA-182617 <br /> AN ORDINANCE ADOPT- December 22,29,2021 Terminal e: cations <br /> WIG A FUND BALANCE January 5 2022 AN ORDINANCE ADOPT- would include:installation <br /> �,, .....9„� AA-1§1873 ING THE BUDGET FOR of charging arm&malnte- <br /> EDUCATION r BUSINESS AUTOMOTIVE <br /> •i*%1 11 :1$ 4AI`. 4111 <br /> , Fuld a <br /> GARAGE Ritdtta(lut <br /> SIFIEDS CAREERS <br /> - r <br /> I REAL k-� = SERVICES rllit <br /> 61li <br /> ESTATE — - _ 1 VI <br /> nn <br /> HPETS�` ,:i / I <br /> f <br />