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ANACORTES PLANNING COMMISSION <br /> 41 ' Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Decision <br /> File Number SDP-2021-0011 <br /> Project Name Smith Dock Project <br /> The agent on behalf of the property owner has requested a Shoreline <br /> Substantial Development permit with SEPA review for the <br /> replacement of an existing single use dock. The project proposes the <br /> removal of the existing 216 sq. ft. of over water coverage wood float <br /> with (4) creosote pilings and steel ramp. The new dock is to be a total <br /> Proposal of 180 sq. ft. of over water coverage with a 6.5 ft. by 30 ft. float, 4 ft. <br /> by 40 ft. grated gangway and secured with (2) 12 in. steel pilings. The <br /> existing 4 ft. by 4 ft. concrete abutment and pier are to be replaced by <br /> a 4 ft. by 6 ft. concrete abutment to secure the gangway in place. <br /> The proposed float would allow for 62% light permeability due to the <br /> FRP grated decking. <br /> Public Hearing & Anacortes Planning Commission <br /> Decision Body <br /> Public Hearing Date December 8, 2021 <br /> PC Deliberations December 8, 2021 <br /> A. Staff Report <br /> B. SSDP Application Materials <br /> Exhibits C. Noticing Materials <br /> D. Comments <br /> E. Issued ODNS <br /> Documents are available at City Hall in the Planning, Community, and Economic Development <br /> Department or may be accessed on the public portal: <br /> (https://docs.citvofanacortes.ora/WebLink/Browse.aspx?dbid=0&startid=434848&row=1) <br /> After considering the written and spoken comments and considering the record before it, the <br /> Planning Commission enters the following findings of fact, conclusions of law, and decision: <br /> Findings of Fact& Conclusions of Law <br /> 1. The Staff report dated November 30, 2021, accurately describes the project proposal and is <br /> hereby incorporated by reference. (Exhibit A) <br /> 2. The following members of the public provided testimony during the public hearing: N/A <br /> 3. The following additional exhibits were entered into the record at the public hearing: N/A <br /> 4. The following additional Findings of Fact and/or Conclusions of Law are entered: N/A <br /> Planning Commission Decision Page 1 of 2 <br /> SDP-2021-0011—Smith Dock Project <br />