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ANACORTES PARKS & RECREATION <br /> Advisory Commission <br /> Meeting Minutes <br /> Sarah Nichols, Chairperson <br /> Jo Ann York-Gilmore <br /> Brad Adams <br /> Christine Hansen <br /> Alex Hernandez <br /> November 9, 2021 <br /> Members Present: Brad Adams, JoAnn York-Gilmore, Sarah Nichols <br /> Staff Present: Bob Vaux, Nicole Johnston, Karl Wolfswinkel, Jonn Lunsford, Dustin South <br /> Call to order: 6:00PM <br /> Minutes: August minutes were approved as submitted <br /> Public Comment: none <br /> Budget Update: Staff reported that the budget and Capital Facilities were still being reviewed by the <br /> City Council. It is expected that we will be using $90,000 of our reserve fund to help make budget this <br /> year as we have brought our staffing back to pre-pandemic levels. Discussion ensued. <br /> Skate Park Update: Thanks to an unexpected donation of$500,000 we are starting discussion on the <br /> construction of a new skate park. Discussion ensued on possible donations from the Kiwanis Club via <br /> the Anacortes Parks Foundation. Sarah asked about safe crossing issues for R Avenue and Brad asked <br /> about the possibility of a Community Center in that area. Discussion continued. <br /> Department: <br /> Nicole: Reported on the cemetery expansion and the difficulty presented by the wet weather. <br /> Karl: Reported that the Senior Center will be at the Wonderland Walk and and upcoming gingerbread <br /> house competition. Activities are returning to the Center. The Center has a new AV system called the <br /> OWL to help with hybrid learning. The Foundation is working with staff on reusing the area in front of <br /> the Center that has a playground that was formerly used by the Head Start program at the Center. <br /> Dustin: Reported on the success of our soccer program, over 550 kids. Girls basketball starts on <br /> Saturday with games at the Middle School. Breakfast with Santa and Wonderland Walk are on tap for <br /> December. Discussion ensued about the use of Rice Field for Community groups and the Commission <br /> asked staff to reach out to the school district. <br />