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Decision <br /> Based on the foregoing findings and conclusions of law, and review of the City's regulatory <br /> authority to implement the policies, standards, and regulations of the Anacortes Municipal Code, <br /> the Planning Commission hereby makes the following decision regarding the subject Shoreline <br /> Substantial Development Permit: <br /> • Approve with Conditions <br /> ❑ Approve <br /> ❑ Deny <br /> Subject to staff's recommended conditions in the Staff Report dated November 17, 2021. <br /> Commission Vote Support Oppose Absent Abstain <br /> Frank Jeretzky x <br /> Jack Curtis x <br /> Sarah Ruether x <br /> Linda Martin x <br /> Gary Molyneaux x <br /> Jeff Graf x <br /> Ward MacKenzie x <br /> Total 6 0 1 0 <br /> ANACORTES PLANNING COMMISSION <br /> Anacortes, Washington <br /> /I/30/ Z, <br /> and MacKenzie Date <br /> Planning Commission Chair <br /> Appeals <br /> Pursuant to AMC 19.20.030, a local appeal of Type 3-PC Planning Commission Decisions is <br /> available to the City Council. Appeals of this decision must be filed in accordance with AMC <br /> 19.20.180 by 5:00 PM, 21 days from the date the WA Dept. of Ecology receives the decision. <br /> Planning Commission Decision Page 2 of 2 <br /> SDP-2021-0009—Skyline Dock&Piling Project <br />