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Decision Publication Date* <br /> Date of Wednesday newspaper in which this NOD will appear <br /> 12/8/2021 <br /> NOD Submittal Due Date* <br /> Date by which the NOD must be submitted to the American(NOON on the Friday before the required publication date) <br /> 11/30/2021 <br /> Signed Decision* <br /> Upload fully executed Decision,which will be posted on the electronic document portal.A link to the decision will be <br /> emailed to the applicant and to all parties of record. <br /> SDP-2021-0009-Decision.pdf 11.23MB <br /> Notice of Decision* <br /> Upload Word document of the NOD,which will be submitted to the newspaper for publication and posted to the electronic <br /> document portal <br /> SDP-2021-0009-NOD.docx 170.86KB <br />