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My experience with this combination of trail users, managers and non-profits goes back to <br /> the late 90's, when I helped found the organization. It is one of the few gatherings I have <br /> regularly attended where the motorized and non-motorized trail communities get a chance to <br /> interact in a mostly non-confrontational mode. This year's event was virtual, and focused on <br /> diversity and inclusion, especially finding ways to connect urban groups with more rural <br /> trails, both as users and volunteers. Always a good exchange of ideas. The State's <br /> Recreation and Conservation Office is the main driver of the Coalition now. <br /> Madrona Grove RV Mess <br /> One of the RV's who had recently chosen to take up residence along the east side of the <br /> Madrona Gove left so quickly they forgot their pick up load of garbage that had been <br /> compiled in our park. Parks Manager Johnston and I were able to clean up the mess, and <br /> APD was able to contact the RV owner and trespass them from our parks. <br /> Ray Auld Drive Vehicle Theft <br /> Trailhead security continues to be a concern. We did have a vehicle theft recently from our <br /> most popular year `round trailhead (#215). ACFL Steve made contact with the victims, and <br /> they had APD on site. <br /> Worth Mentioning... <br /> ...City Council will continue its work on the 2022 budget into December meetings. <br /> ...five of us on staff rallied on Sunday 14' to do some sandbagging at the Grandview <br /> Cemetery expansion site. The steady rain created some drainage issues, though we were <br /> able to get the project safely to Monday when the contractor and the rest of our maintenance <br /> team were available. <br /> ...ACFL/FoF fall volunteer work party, happened successfully on Nov 20. Thank you ACFL <br /> Steve and Parks Maint Braydn for covering. I was called away to some urgent family matters <br /> that day. And thanks to all the volunteers that showed up. <br /> ...FoF regular meetings continue, a solid line of communication. <br /> ...Samish Hikes remain a monthly highlight Steve and I are grateful for. <br /> was super tough to say so long to Victoria, but we wish her well. She did a lot of great <br /> work for us. Director Lunsford now leading the hiring team for Victoria's replacement. <br /> ...November really kicks off beaver dam monitoring. Steve and I have met with at least one <br /> 32nd Street swamp neighbor, and Steve is closely monitoring all dams, as well as managing <br /> within the permitted maintenance protocol. <br /> ...Parks staff continues our role in working with the local homeless population. Our most <br /> recent situation occurred above disc golf course hole #5. We had moved this fellow along <br /> once, but he returned. We have given it another try. <br /> ...another regular meeting, and another group of local celebrities doing good works: The <br /> Anacortes Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Committee. The same folks who have been bringing <br /> you Open Streets for years. <br /> ...we had our quarterly Council Parks & Rec Committee meeting. Great discussion with <br /> Councilwoman Moulton. <br /> ...ACFL Steve is on vacation closing out November. I have the excuse to spend more time in <br /> the woods trying to cover for him. Thanks to the entire Parks Maintenance Team for helping <br /> make this happen. <br /> Faithfully Submitted, <br /> Bob Vaux, Assistant Director <br /> November 23, 2021 <br />