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November 2021 Parks and ACFL Operations <br /> Administrative Report <br /> ACFL Plan Update Passed <br /> City Council unanimously passed the updated plan at their November 8th meeting. This is <br /> great news, and I appreciate the hard work and patience of so many. The Forest Advisory <br /> Board and staff are committed to the next 5-year update happening within the actual 5-year <br /> window. <br /> Council has also been holding the annual Capital Facilities Plan and Budget public <br /> hearings. Director Lunsford is working hard through this process, and keeping our team <br /> involved at key intersections. <br /> Little Cranberry Lake Boat Launch <br /> ACFL Steve and I met at the LC parking lot with Senior COA Planner Emily Morgan. We <br /> wanted to talk about improving our car top boat launch and the shore erosion directly <br /> opposite. Emily has an extensive history with lake projects, and will be sharing some ideas <br /> soon. <br /> ACFL/FoF/Washington Trails Association <br /> Local WTA folks have been working with ACFL and FoF personnel to put together a trail <br /> improvement project in our woods. I met on site at trail #311 with Richard and Arlen from the <br /> WTA, and we are looking at a potential very much needed improvement plan on that very <br /> steep drop down to trail #312. <br /> Annual Dam Inspections <br /> ACFL Steve did a great job with our annual inspections of the Whistle Lake and Little <br /> Cranberry dams. Both were approved by the Department of Ecology. <br /> Replacing Victoria <br /> First, thank you Mary Snyder for coming back to APRD to be the bridge between Victoria and <br /> whomever we find to take over the Administrative Assistant roll. Director Lunsford has been <br /> driving the process. A handful of us reviewed all the submitted materials and worked with D. <br /> L. to come up with a top 8. <br /> We scheduled these 8 for remote interviews on November 19, only one declined. It is <br /> always an interesting way to spend a day, learning about folks who apparently really want to <br /> come and work for the APRD. We have a final 4 coming for in-person meetings the week of <br /> Nov. 29. <br /> Haunted Forest <br /> Once again we have proven that our staff, volunteers and community are willing to stretch <br /> the limits of Washington Park in the pursuit of quality community event experiences. It was <br /> great having most of the team out there, and from the snippets of feedback I heard inside the <br /> traffic control venue, folks were having a positive experience. We look forward to finding <br /> ways to improve the Halloween groove. <br /> Rotary Centennial Cap Sante Project <br /> I continue to stay very actively involved with the Rotary Club on this front. They are <br /> achieving some really impressive fundraising goals. My focus of late has been with our <br /> GeoEngineers consultant (Critical Area Assessment Report) and the rest of the permitting <br /> process. <br /> Washington State Trails Coalition <br />