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Anacortes Community Forest Lands Advisory Board <br /> Minutes of the Meeting: November 4, 2021 <br /> Board Members Present: Sandra Starbuck, Brian Wetcher,JoAnn York-Gilmore <br /> Staff Present: B. Vaux, S. Phillips <br /> Meeting called to order at 6:05PM,via Zoom <br /> October 2021 Meeting Minutes unanimously approved. <br /> Public Comments: <br /> Richard Mellon, a volunteer with the Washington Trails Association, continues to work with ACFL and FoF <br /> staff on developing a volunteer trail project.The latest candidate is#311. Richard will be putting together an <br /> on-site meeting in the near future. <br /> Friends of the Forest Update: <br /> Asa Deane reports the annual fundraiser is again virtual, and is on-going, with an "event"tomorrow night. <br /> Beck has some community hikes in November, and he and his staff are working on year end paperwork, etc. <br /> He also participated in the COA's response to the recent wolf escape from the Predators of the Heart facility. <br /> The FoF are of course concerned about this recurring problem, and plan on discussing it further.Thank you to <br /> Steve and Bob for their donations of auction items for the FoF fundraiser. <br /> Staff Reports: Steve reports that the last day of October really kicked in the seasonal need for beaver dam <br /> rounds. Wetcher asks if the#10 trail repair is working out?Steve says yes. Wetcher also wants to make sure <br /> the COA is communicating with the Predators of the Heart, re: on-going risk factors for the ACFL and other <br /> neighbors.Vaux encourages anyone interested to reach out to the County Commissioners as the wild animal <br /> holding pen facility is in the county. Wetcher asked if the FAB should write a letter. No action taken. <br /> ACFL Plan Update: Plan will be on Council Consent Agenda, Nov 8th <br /> CEP Update: Director Lunsford will be presenting maps of available parcels to Council soon. COA GIS staff still <br /> working on legal descriptions and mapping with Skagit Land Trust staff. <br /> Other Business:York-Gilmore reports that the recent Parks Commission tour of the Rotary Club centennial <br /> project on Cap Sante was enjoyable, informative, and convince the PC to approve the proposed route. Next <br /> ACFL/FoF volunteer work party will be Nov 20. Wetcher asks about large hiking groups he has noticed at the <br /> #10 Trailhead. Probably a local hiking club, but Steve will keep an eye out. Steve reminds all the seasonal <br /> closure to motorbikes is now in effect,thru March 31. Wetcher reminds all that Ebikes are motorbikes. Vaux <br /> reminds all that the FAB will begin 2022 with an analysis of the potential impact of Ebikes on the ACFL, and <br /> will develop policy regarding same. <br /> Meeting Adjourns: 6:47PM <br /> Asa then gives the Board a virtual tour of the FoF auction items. <br />