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We came to work feeling good about our ACFL plan, and getting ready to prep the updated document <br />for City Council, when the call came to Director Lunsford that the local wolves had escaped their cages. <br />As these wolves live adjacent to the South Cranberry Unit of the ACFL, we took immediate action to <br />evacuate the woods and close down the trailheads. Special thanks to Friends of the Forest Executive <br />Director Asa Deane for volunteering alongside Parks Mgr Johnston, ACFL Steve and myself as we worked <br />to get this done. <br /> While this emergency response was in progress, Director Lunsford contacted me and asked me to <br />check on a Mt. Erie rescue of a stranded climber. I made my way out to Lake Erie Grocery just in time to <br />watch the United States Navy successfully pluck the climber from a south Mt. Erie rock wall, and safely <br />get the individual to awaiting medical care at the Lake Erie boat launch. <br /> On my way back to the South Cranberry woods, the call came in that the wolves had been <br />returned to their fenced enclosures. We pulled the emergency closure signs and got on with the <br />afternoon. <br /> <br />Washington Park Boat Launch Access Road Improvement <br />Parks Maintenance Team members Johnston, Tottenham and I have met with Street Division leadership <br />Brandon Lowry and Saben Williamson. They came to us with a plan to improve the launch road at <br />Washington Park. This includes tight lining some drainage ditches and overlaying the existing approach <br />with new asphalt. The project looks great, and is ready for the asphalt overlay finishing touch. We just <br />need the weather window to get that done. THANK YOU to Brandon and Saben for suggesting creative <br />and cost saving solutions to park challenges. <br /> <br />Skagit Land Trust Visits ACFL <br />Monday, Oct 4th, Director Lunsford and I welcomed SLT Stewardship Director Regina Wandler to the <br />ACFL for a periodic check in. At Regina’s request, we focused our visit on the Whistle Lake Dam, the <br />#215 Ray Auld Drive trailhead and the southern boundary of the Lakeside rock quarry lease. All sites are <br />consistent with the ACFL Comprehensive Plan, as well as the expectations of the SLT. A very enjoyable <br />outing. Special thanks to Billy Campbell at Lakeside Industries for his generosity with his time and <br />knowledge. <br /> <br />Rotary Park on Cap Sante Trail Project <br />Parks Commission Members Brad and JoAnn joined me for a trail tour in preparation for the October <br />Commission meeting. Good walk. Good talk. The Rotary Club and I appreciate the unanimous support of <br />the Commission at its Oct 12 meeting for the trail route. Director Lunsford and I are currently working <br />with the Rotarians on eastern viewpoint concepts. <br /> <br />DNR Urban Forestry Program <br />I met with NW Region Community Assistance Forester Jeremy Porter Oct. 7th. We work with Jeremy in a <br />variety of capacities, including some very good hazard tree workshops over the years and of course, <br />maintaining our now 20-year run as a Tree City, USA. Jeremy introduced me to brand new to WA DNR <br />Jess Lloyd, who was just hired to fill the Urban Forestry Specialist position in Olympia. We provided <br />updates on our respective agencies, and look forward to continuing to find ways to work together. <br /> <br />Friday, October 1st <br />Had the opportunity to contact three separate homeless individuals in our parks today. Nicole J. and I <br />met with two of them at Volunteer Park, one near the restroom, the other near Daniels Field. The third <br />contact was made later in the day by Brian T. and I above the #5 Cap Sante disc golf course tee box. The <br />first person left willingly, the second worked with us to clean up his sleeping spot, and the third honored