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<br /> <br /> <br />Parks Maintenance Report: <br />Grand View Cemetery Update- <br />-Irrigation should be done by the end of October/ early November. There is a delay on when the pump for the <br />irrigation so we will have to wait until we are able to test the system. <br />-All of the electrical work has been done for the irrigation system. <br />-More plants and trees have been planted. The landscape team is working on planting all the 200+ arborvitae <br />trees that will be going along the St. Mary’s church fence line. <br />-Weather is looking good for the first part of November and we are hoping to pave the interior road and parking <br />pullouts. <br /> <br />There is still lots more landscape to be completed, a perf pipe to be installed in the swale, a chain link fence still <br />needs to be installed around the sediment pond and the side walk needs to be poured in the columbarium area. <br /> <br />Fields- Soccer season wrapped up and Kiwanis Meadow Field and Volunteer Field took the hardest hit from <br />soccer Saturday’s. Parks crew put down some fertilizer and this will hopefully bring back the grass. Smiley’s <br />and Storvik Field are still in use until Nov. 5th for County soccer teams. Ballfields are being used by baseball <br />club, fast pitch and youth football. <br /> <br />Washington Park Update- The driftwood Ghoul has been a great addition to the park. First week of November <br />the street department is set to pave the boat launch road. The boat launch should be closed for a day while this <br />work is being done. <br /> <br />Crew Update- Crew has been working hard to get things ready for the winter. Feels like most spare time the <br />crew has this month has been spent blowing leaves and chestnuts! Sky has been able to complete two memorial <br />benches. One was more of a repair on a bench at Washington Park and the other is for a new bench for 28th <br />street playground. Steve spent three days pruning downtown street trees and Myles and Nichola are been getting <br />caught with markers at the cemetery. <br /> <br />Volunteers- Special thanks to the morning Rotary and noon Rotary club for coming out to Storvik Park and <br />helping spread playground chips. <br /> <br />What is next for November… wintering irrigation, getting Causland Park and the cemetery ready for Veteran’s <br />Day and more leaf clean up. <br /> <br />Nicole Johnston, Parks Manager <br /> <br /> <br />ACFL Plan <br />The Oct 18th City Council Public Hearing for the plan came and went without much fanfare. Council made <br />it clear that we will get back into the Plan within the next couple of years, assuring the next update will <br />occur in a much more timely manner. The good news is we have a plan that has done its job for a long, <br />long time, and will continue to do so. It is slated for the November 1st Council Consent Agenda. <br /> A very special thank you to Victoria Alsup, nee Wong, for going several extra miles to prep a very <br />challengingly formatted document for the Council meeting, and the ease of future readers. <br /> <br />Tuesday, October 19th