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<br /> <br />Other Business: none <br /> <br />Adjourned: 6:50pm <br /> <br /> <br />Parks and Recreation Update <br />November 2021 <br />Recreation Staff Report: <br /> <br />Youth Soccer League: Most of our youth soccer program concluded this month. Between the City and <br />County Leagues we have close to 500 kids (50 teams) participating in soccer this fall. We want to give a BIG <br />Thank You to all our volunteers coaches for helping make this season a success. We could not do it without <br />you! <br />Dallas Kloke Mt. Erie Road & Trail Run: The 46th annual run took place on Saturday, October 9. We had <br />about 30 participants at the in-person event. It would great to see some new faces at the run this year. We had to <br />hold registration and awards ceremony outside this year due to the elementary gym not being available due to <br />COVID. Final results of the race can be found on our website at: <br />Erie-Road-Trail-Run Staff would like to “thank” local Boy Scout Troop 4081 for their incredible volunteer <br />efforts along the trail route and for helping gather the course markings after the race concluded. <br />Haunted Forest: We held our 2nd annual event on Saturday, October 30th, at Washington Park. At 5:00 pm <br />there was a “not so scary” walk which was free and geared towards younger kids/families. Pre-registration was <br />not required, and we estimate over 500 people participated. Then at 6:30 pm the “scary forest” started which had <br />over 300 registered. Several actors from the community dressed up and did their best to scare folks as they <br />shuffled through the route. The event was sold out several weeks before it started. Thank you to all the <br />volunteers that truly make this a successful event! <br />Girls Youth Basketball League: Participant registration concluded this month, and the process of team <br />formation, volunteer coach recruitment, and scheduling of practices is now taking place. The start of practices <br />has been pushed back a little bit due to availability of gym space at the Middle School. <br /> <br />Total Volunteers Hours for October <br />City & County League Soccer Coaches <br />U-6 14 X 12 hrs. = 168 <br />U-8 22 X 12 hrs. = 264 <br />U-10 20 X 12 hrs. = 240 <br />U-12 12 X 18 hrs. = 216 <br />U-11/12 2 X 20 hrs. = 40 <br />U-13/14 4 X 20 hrs. = 80 <br /> <br />Mt. Erie Road and Trail Run <br /> Troop 4081 30 X 2 hrs. = 60 <br /> <br /> Haunted Forest <br /> 35 X 4 hrs. = 140 <br />____________________________________________________ <br /> Total for Month 1,208 <br /> <br />Dustin South, Recreation Manager <br />Travis Anderson, Recreation Coordinator