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favor of approval of the trail route and new signage? motion to approve? all commission members motion to <br />approve. <br /> <br />Department Reports: <br />Parks Maintenance: exciting news is Bradyn Krueger passed his CDL and we're all happy for him. He took the <br />time on the weekends to get that certification. Washington Park has surpassed revenue goals for September. <br />Public Works will be helping us pave the boat launch road next week. Cemetery Expansion update: things are <br />moving along. So far we have the neighbor fence up around part of the pond and beyond the neighbors <br />houses by hillcrest drive. Later this week, the metal fence will go in around the pond. Landscape is starting to <br />arrive. Irrigation is getting staked out for the trenches to be made. They're planning to asphalt the inner road <br />on Friday but don't think that might happen. It's moving along and you can see the plan coming together. So <br />far we are on schedule. Brad - how high is the fence going to be? On top of the burm it's about 4 ft. They <br />basically won't be able to see the cemetery and they'll get a landscape screen as well. Rotary park - the parks <br />crew did some trimming and cleaning up of the branches and it looks very nic e. We had 100 yards of play <br />chips and all our playgrounds will get spruced up. <br />Senior Activity Center: People have continued to come to the Senior Activity Center. Yesterday we had about <br />50 people and 65 people today. Our pool room is getting more popular . Talk with Karl is continuing to be a <br />success and hoping to gain more momentum. Chief Floyd was here last month to talk to the public and so was <br />Bret Lunsford. March for meals - has a team that raised funds for the meals on wheels program. Since 2005 <br />they've raised about a million dollars which is amazing. Bowling bash in March hopefully. The Ukelele group <br />has been very popular in the past, and they're meeting on their own right now but had a conversation to <br />possibly bring the group back. Strength and balance is a huge issue and we're hoping to have a instructor to <br />get the ball rolling again to bring back to the center. We're all decorated for halloween already. We talked <br />about creative ways to bring programs to folks, the foundation purchased an AWL, to ma ke it more engaging <br />for those who are tuning it at home. Facilities set us up with air purifiers in ev ery room and helped us with <br />new chairs. <br /> <br />Recreation Programs: big thing we've been doing is our youth soccer program. We had a record number of <br />volunteer coaches and thank them for helping out. Parents and kids are excited with something normal to <br />lean on. We've spread some of the games out so we can help mitigate whatever we needed. Staff has been <br />great. The rec assistants have been doing a great job refe reeing the games. We'll look into basketball for <br />November. We're working on our sailing agreement in partnership wi th the waterfront alliance. The <br />agreement in the summer was for 1 year. We want to revisit and hopefully we can do a recurring contract <br />with them. We are working with the school district to get back into the gyms for pickleball, volleyball, etc <br />along with the youth basketball program. The school district is currently not scheduling outside groups to use <br />the facilities so we're trying to see how we can work with the school district to get back into the facilities for <br />practices and games. The main issue is the cleaning. The custodial team already is double cleaning and won't <br />be able to clean after the user groups use it as well. We had the mt. eri e road and trail run this past saturday, <br />we had about 30 total participants. It was fun to see the former alumni an d runners who were coached by <br />dallas kloke come and participate. Normally we can go into the gym to stage everything, but we did it outside <br />this time. The boy scout troops in town helped us along the trail to help station the trail route and <br />intersections for the run. The haunted forest event is coming up at the end of the month, Sat oct 30th. <br />Anyone who would like to help out we would love it. We have a family walk around 5pm that is less scary for <br />families with no registration. At 6:30pm we have the scary walk for older kids and families that is $10 for <br />registration. <br /> <br />Bob: Working on the permitting requirements on the cap sante trail project and we wiill have the public <br />hearing on the ACFL Comp plan monday oct 18.