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ANACORTES PARKS & RECREATION <br />Advisory Commission <br />Meeting Minutes <br /> Sarah Nichols, Chairperson <br />Jo Ann York-Gilmore <br />Brad Adams <br />Christine Hansen <br />Alex Hernandez <br /> <br />October 12, 2021 <br /> <br />Members Present: Sarah Nichols, JoAnn York-Gilmore, Brad Adams, Christine Hansen <br /> <br />Public: Tom Decker <br /> <br />Staff: Bob Vaux, Jonn Lunsford, Nicole Johnston, Karl Wolfswinkel, Dustin South, Victoria Alsup <br /> <br />Call to order: 6:01pm <br /> <br />Minutes: September minutes were approved as submitted <br /> <br />Public Comment: none <br /> <br />Budget Update: Jonn - our budget is going before council later this month. We have our full staff back so we'll <br />have to dip into our reserve to cover costs. The cemetery expansion is nearing completion, it'll cost us about <br />$850,000. 1st phase is $250,000. 2nd phase is $605,000. We'll be d oing an interfund loan and will pay it back <br />with 1% interest. Discussion ensued with questions regarding cemetery funding. <br /> <br />Cap Sante Rotary Park Centennial Project Final Review: Bob: Brad, and JoAnn met together to walk from the <br />main kiosk all the way to the top. JoAnn - certainly was valuable to see where the intended trail which will <br />mimic the social trails that are not official but to see what we're looking to fix for the trail. Brad - once the <br />crush rock is on the bottom, side by side trail walking would be accommodated. A few switch backs still need <br />to be set. Bob: worked hard with Tom and the rotary club. The trail climb section kiosk is where it crosses the <br />disc golf course and found a great route to get through there to minim ize the interaction with the disc golf <br />course. Disc golf players are use to having the public crossing the course. Looking to have signage around <br />there to help indicate the trail to use. We had planning s taff out there. Rotary Club hired geo engineers that <br />submitted a draft with a critical area report, and we're close to getting the final. Bob has submitted all the <br />material he could find. Our pre-application meeting with city staff, and didn't get any majo r comments or <br />concerns from staff like surface water, fire suppression so that's a good thing. Asking for approval for the new <br />trail route. Bob has done the hikes with the Samish Nation. Tom Decker - 4 segments but we're focusing on <br />the trail. Critical trail to connect downtown to the trails in downtown but we also need the trail signs to <br />welcome the public to enjoy the trail itself. Viewpoints is in a conceptual stage, we're hoping to be back to the <br />public in the spring of next year with more informati on. To give a sense of the rotary club excitement, we're <br />close to $200,000 fundraised for this project as a whole and will be raising more funds in the public once we <br />have more updates about the viewpoint. Chris - thanks for bringing in the signage element at the same time <br />as the trail. Brad - What is the steepest slope on the trail and is it viable for all public to use? Bob - 3/4 of the <br />way up is the steepest section where the switchback happens. General climb and most people are surprised <br />that they can get up there. Having a route that most user groups can go through the trail comfortably. All in