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Event Description* <br /> We are looking to put on the Anacortes Santa Run(5K)and would like to use Seafarers Way, part of the Tommy <br /> Thompson Trail and a couple other side streets around Cap Sante Marina as part of our route. <br /> The following are the details: <br /> Scheduled for Saturday, 12/11 with a 9:00am start time. <br /> 300 participants for the 5K <br /> The following is the route: <br /> -The race still starts on Seafarers Way by Seafarers Park. <br /> -Runners will run west on Seafarers Way and will turn left(south)on the TTT. <br /> -Run south on TTT and then turn around close by the restrooms. <br /> -Head north on TTT and turn right(east)on 9th St <br /> -Then left(north)on R Ave <br /> -Right(east)on 4th St <br /> -Right(south)on T Ave <br /> -Runners will head out to the gazebo. <br /> -On their way back, runners will turn left just prior to the Anacortes Yacht Club and run along the shoreline of <br /> Cap Sante Marina. <br /> -Runners will follow the shoreline until they get back to Seafarers Way. <br /> -They will turn left(east)on Seafarers Way where they will head back to the finish line which is the same <br /> location as the finish line. <br /> This new route requires the closure of just the north lane of Seafarers Way during our mass start from 8:55-9:15. <br /> We will manage incoming and outgoing traffic in the south lane of Seafarers Way for that 20 minutes using <br /> flaggers. <br /> This also means that we would be using a portion of TTT and <br /> other sidewalks around the Cap Sante Marina,understanding that we will be sharing with other users. <br /> Will food vendors participate in this event?* <br /> All Food Vendors must be inspected by the Fire Marshall on site prior to the start of the event. <br /> Yes • No <br /> Date Event Starts* Time Event Starts* <br /> 12/11/2021 9:00:00 AM <br /> Date Event Ends* Time Event Ends* <br /> 12/11/2021 10:30:00 AM <br /> Date Street Closure Starts* <br /> Include requested closures before and after the event hours if <br /> required for set up and tear down. Time Street Closure Starts* <br /> 12/11/2021 8:55:00 AM <br /> Date Street Closure Ends* Time Street Closure Ends* <br /> 12/11/2021 9:15:00 AM <br /> Event Location* <br /> List end points of each street that will be closed(e.g.6th Street from 0 Ave to Q Ave).Also include location and dimensions of any structures that will be <br /> erected and locations of the event that will not be on city street right of way. <br /> The end points where we would like to close are Seafarers Way between Q Ave and Seafarers Park. However, <br /> we are only looking to close down the north lane and manage traffic to/from Thrive on the south lane using <br /> flaggers. <br /> Parking Location <br /> List any public parking areas that the event requests to use for dedicated event parking,including handicapped parking. <br /> Runners will be able to park anywhere along Seafarers Way,the ESD and NW Career Technical Academy <br /> parking lots,which are both not being utilized Saturday morning's. <br />