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I spent the week of the 18th pruning our downtown street trees. The main objectives were: <br />to remove branches that were brushing against buildings; and to remove or prune l imbs to allow for <br />clearance of pedestrians and vehicles. In some cases I removed internal, crossing branches for tree <br />health. I also identified a few trees as dead that the Street Department will help us remove. I also <br />spent some time pruning trees at the Library and Depot. <br />There was one interruption in the pruning when Bob pulled me out to the Little Cranberry <br />Lake area to evacuate the public and display signs. Three wolf/dog hybrids had escaped the <br />Predators of the Heart property. As a precaution we evacuated the public and posted cautionary <br />signs at trailheads near the property. We received the “all clear” call just a few hours in, as we were <br />still hanging signs. <br />Just before receiving the “all clear,” Bob was pulled out to Mount Erie due to a stranded cl imber <br />needing a helicopter airlift. (For the record, that day was October 19 and my calendar shows a full <br />moon on the 20th.) <br />That brings us to the current week, which began with windstorms. I took some time on <br />Monday to sample 9 trees around Anacortes for Sooty Bark Disease and send them to WSU Puyallup <br />Extension. We recently learned of this tree disease that seems to be on the rise in our region due to <br />increasing temperatures. I will follow up with more information when I have it. So far I have not <br />noticed any symptomatic trees in the forestlands, but a tree that WSU sampled at Cap Sante did test <br />positive. For more information, see <br />I pitched in earlier this week to trim some markers at Grandview Cemetery, an all-hands-on- <br />deck effort in Parks in advance of Veteran’s Day next month. <br /> <br /> <br />Myles in action on 206, 10/13/21 <br /> <br />October 2021 Parks and ACFL Operations <br />Administrative Report <br /> <br />ACFL Plan