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should be clarified and would that be allowed? The CEP is largely based on the ACFL comp plan, if <br />that doesn't change dramatically, then the easement language remains the same. The document <br />needs a little bit of work, but it's close. Good step forward to the mechanics to specifically do what <br />is deemed necessary for the land trust. Asa - cleaning up the document was necessary. As we're <br />approaching 2022, the set of challenges that will come forth will give us clarity and be clear about <br />what the parameters are for the easements. <br /> <br />Other Business: JoAnn - Bob brought Brad and I to the Cap Sante trail upgrade. That was very <br />helpful and I believe it'll come back to the Parks Commission meeting. We'll have the opportunity to <br />chime in and approve moving forward with that. It's a great approach how they're taking it and it'll <br />be a good thing. Brian: If Evergreen Island board members wanted a site visit at the Whistle Lake <br />Dam, do you want Marlene to contact Bob to set up the meeting? Yes. Would like to walk through <br />the proposed equipment route so they can see. FoF benefit is on November 5th with a guest <br />speaker that will talk about her work up in Alaska. <br /> <br />Meeting Adjourned: 6:39pm <br /> <br />Respectfully submitted by: Victoria Wong Date: Oct 28, 201 <br /> <br /> <br />ACFL Maintenance Report October – 2021 by Steve Phillips <br />October 28, 2021 <br />As I write it rains from the “atmospheric river” event that has made its way up the coast to <br />us. A few days ago, we were all holding on to our hats as the “bomb cyclone” event brought <br />terrifically strong winds to most of the West Coast. <br />Fortunately from my perspective, the winds were mostly out of the south/southeast and this <br />is what our forest seems to be accustomed to. Not too many trees have been reported as blocking <br />trails since the powerful storm. <br />I had help with trail clearing early in the month. A large Douglas fir blocking 113 took a few <br />hours of work, spread between Braydn and Brian of the Parks team along with me. Braydn also <br />hiked out to clear a 24” tree on 116, which was no small effort, and certainly appreciated. <br />I spent a few hours making sure trail 216 was clear to the Mount Erie summit in support of <br />the Dallas Kloke Mt. Erie Road and Trail Run, clearing low-hanging vegetation and a few logs and <br />blatant tripping hazards from the trail. <br />I found a firepit (cold ashes) directly on trail 201, just downhill from a downed alder blocking <br />the trail, on October 9. This seemed strange, but Bob and I agreed that it likely came from someone <br />sleeping in a vehicle in the parking lot who started a fire for warmth or food. As far as I know, this <br />was an isolated incident. <br />On October 13, Myles from Parks and I cleared the trees near Toot Swamp on 206. I <br />returned on the 14th to work the trail a bit where an alder had tipped to create a rooty hole in the <br />trail. The trail is now open after having been obstructed since last January…where I had described <br />on my list of tree issues as a “nasty big mess.” <br />I had the help of a superstar volunteer removing trees and improving drainage on the trails <br />south and west of Heart Lake on October 15. She needs trail work volunteer hours for an upcoming <br />100-mile trail run on Orcas Island. I think she’ll be back to help more in December. <br />As most readers of this report know, on October 18, City Council discussed approving the <br />2014 draft of the Forest Lands Comprehensive Plan. The discussion was favorable, and a vote on this <br />action is scheduled for November 1. A 2021 draft has now been created to include suggested <br />changes.