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d. Assignment, Assumption, and Approval Agreement with Shell Oil and HollyFrontier <br /> e. Agreement on Sales and Use Tax Revenue between the City and the Anacortes Housing Authority <br /> f. Interlocal Agreement#21-239-WTR-001 with the Washington State Water/Wastewater Agency <br /> Response Network(WAWARN) <br /> PUBLIC HEARINGS <br /> Anacortes Community Forest Lands Comprehensive Plan Update <br /> Parks and Recreation Director Jonn Lunsford and Parks Manager Bob Vaux introduced the packet materials for <br /> this agenda item. Mr. Vaux noted the three written comments received on the plan,which had been added to the <br /> packet. Staff recommended that addressing eBikes in the forest lands be deferred to a future revision following <br /> Forest Advisory Board consideration. Mr. Vaux explained staffs recommendation that Forest Board <br /> membership no longer require a member of the Planning Commission. Mr. Vaux described the recommended <br /> closure of Trail 132 at the south end of Little Cranberry Lake. <br /> Mayor Gere invited members of the audience to comment on this agenda item. <br /> Steve Charvat applauded the city for protecting the forest lands and maintaining the integrity of the forest for <br /> public use. <br /> Brian Wetcher urged Council to move forward to adopt the plan as presented, including the closure of Trail 132 <br /> and the language changes proposed by staff. <br /> Asa Deane, Executive Director of the Friends of the Forest, spoke in favor of the plan,but did support updating <br /> page 4,paragraph 10,regarding how long FOF has been providing education. He supported closing Trail 132 <br /> and supported removing the requirement that one Forest Board member also be a Planning Commission <br /> member. Mr. Deane suggested adding language addressing the impacts of climate change on the forest. <br /> Mayor Gere invited Council to deliberate,which it did. <br /> Sara Holahan referenced her written comments that had been submitted for the record and added to the packet <br /> materials for the meeting earlier in the day. She asked Council to commit to another plan update in 2022 given <br /> that the current proposed update was begun in 2014. Ms. Holahan noted that the Forest Advisory Board is not in <br /> the municipal code and should be. She objected to allowing commercial use of the ACFL at the discretion of the <br /> Parks Director. Ms. Holahan suggested that the plan needed a lot more work before it was adopted. <br /> Maureen Scheetz expressed concern about allowing commercial activity in the ACFL. She urged taking more <br /> time to review and establish the parameters for commercial activity before adopting the plan. <br /> Mr. Lunsford responded to questions about the extremely limited permission for commercial activity in the <br /> ACFL in the past. <br /> Sandra Starbuck, Forest Board member, spoke to the extensive public process that resulted in the present draft. <br /> She urged adopting the plan now and pursuing another revision in the near future. <br /> Brian Wetcher reminded that comprehensive plan changes can be proposed annually using the regular process. <br /> No one else wishing to address the Council, at 6:41 p.m. Mayor Gere closed the public hearing. She invited staff <br /> to bring the plan back to Council the following week for action,revised based on councilmember requests. <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes -October 18, 2021 2 <br /> Page 3 of 19 <br />