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<br />NOTICE OF DECISION <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />File Number: SDP-2021-0008 <br />Owner/Applicant: Monique Delmar & Jake Brownson <br />Agent: John Kavanaugh, Marine Floats Corp. <br />Project Location: 2208 Dover Drive (P60037) <br /> <br />Project Description: <br />The applicant has requested a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (SSDP) with SEPA Review for <br />the replacement of a private residential dock on Flounders Bay. The project proposes to replace the <br />existing 522 sq. ft. dock; the existing dock includes: a 6 ft. by 12 ft. timber pier, 3 ft. by 30 ft. ramp, 8 ft. by <br />45 ft. float, and (3) 12in. creosote pilings. The existing dock would be replaced with a 441 sq. ft. dock to <br />include: 3 ft. by 36 ft. fiberglass grated ramp, 8 ft. by 45 ft. float with composite decking, and (4) 10in. steel <br />piles with (2) mounted float stops. The proposed dock would be a reduction in overwater coverage from <br />the existing 522 sq ft. dock to 441 sq. ft. The proposed grated decking is to total 62% of open area allowing <br />for an increase in light penetration. <br />The subject property is located within the Shoreline Residential shoreline environment designation with <br />majority of the work occurring within the Aquatic shoreline environment designation. <br /> <br />SEPA Determination Issued: September 10, 2021 <br />Date of Final Decision: October 13, 2021 <br />Notice of Decision Issued: October 20, 2021 <br />Planning Commission Decision: Approved with conditions <br />The final decision may be viewed by clicking “Current Land Use Projects and Notices” and then <br />opening the appropriate project file number folder at the following link: <br /> <br /> <br />Appeals: Appeals of the decision for this proposal must be filed by within 14 days of the date the decision <br />was mailed. Please refer to AMC 19.20.030 and AMC 19.20.180 for appeal procedures. <br />Project Contact: Emily Morgan, Associate Planner; Phone: (360) 298-4350; <br />; City of Anacortes, P.O. Box 547, Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> <br />Notice: Affected property owners may request a change in valuation from the county assessor for <br />property tax purposes notwithstanding any program of revaluation. <br />