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H'EDcEsnay.Oerroel_i<ii.2021 GOANeeORTOS.Ci1M ANACORTE6 AnsEauons/Yoex FIDALGO A7 <br /> El <br /> • <br /> lai1 iy1Gri ZO0 <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> Legato ® Legate MIMI <br /> Street,Anacortes,through STATEMENT OF mtenm°romance <br /> Legate sealed-bid process. rt OWNERSHIP ! declaring an <br /> ,, Pree nspechon of the bus MANAGEMENT AND it ° emergency and <br />• SUPERIOR COIJRT s will be held from 3:30 CIRCULATION adopting a <br /> OF WASHINL,TONJ. 430 p.m.on Wednesday, We, y moratorium on the <br /> October 13. sheets are t%Y�ro' (Act of August Title 1970, acceptance of certain <br /> COUNTY OF SKAGIT ',COO' g 3885, 39, c0* land use applications <br /> available at.the htransporta-eck Section in the R4 Zone <br /> M Re the Estate of: lion office.Cash or check United States Code)of the <br /> GAIL I.MCCARY, required for purchase. Anacortes American.Puh- <br /> Decease.d items are sold as is,and NOTICE OF DECISION fished one time per week NOTICE OF DECISION Notice Is hereby given that <br /> by best highest bid.Items at Anacortes,Washington, the City Council will hold a <br /> NO.21-4-00383-29 must be removed by the File Number:SDP-2021- with headquarters or gen- File Number;SIX-2021- public hearing for the pur- <br /> NOTICE TO CREDITORS buys in a timely manner. 0001 erai office of the publisher 0014 pose of feting public rom- <br /> The district will not trans- Property Owner: MJB et 1215 Anderson Road, Property Owner:Western meats on Ordinance 3097. <br /> The personal represan- port or deliver surplus Properties,LLC Mount Vernon,Washing- Washington University <br /> tative named below has items. All surplus items Applicant:KPFF Consult- ton 98274, Applicant:Alexis Blue,PE Public Hearing Date; <br /> been appointed as per- are sold as-is.The district g Engineers -WWU Monday, October 11, <br /> anal representative of does not offer any warren- Project Location: The Annual subscription price: Agent Tina le,PWS 2021,at 6:00 PM <br /> sthis estate. Any person ties either expressed or a project site is located $88A0 In Skagit County, -Herrera Consultants,INC <br /> having claims against the imPlisU• Iong08RAve Washington,$88.40 else- Date of Application:Au- LocattorbeCity enen Hall Coen- <br />, nt must.before the 'herein the United States. gust 20,2021 ell Chambers or via virtu- <br /> time the claim would he Published Project Description: Filing Date:October 28. Project Location: al attendance,Complete <br /> barred by any otherwise September 29,2021 The applicant had re- 2020 1900 Shannon Point Rd Instructions on how to <br /> October 6 2021 quested a Shoreline Sub- (P31547) participate in the virtual <br /> applicably statute of tIm- <br /> nations, resent the claim AA-150109 stantial Development Per- The name and address of City Council Meetings <br /> p mit (SSDP) for clearing editor is: Project Descdptton: can be found at the fol- <br /> in the manner as provld- —" and grading activities to Editor/General Manager: The applicant requested a lowing link:httos://www in RCW 11.40.070 by occur within shoreline ju- Colette Weeks, Shoreline Exemption with anaggetae few/1 N <br /> serving on or mailing to sv o risdlctlon of Fidalgo Bay. Anacortes,WA SEPA Review for the main- mentGenter/Vlew-Meet- <br /> the personal represents- : The proposed SSDP is for <br /> tenants and rat tcration of loon-P l-Oouncil-Meet- <br /> tive or the personal recce- � Phase 2 of me property Owner: the shoreline at the Shan- Inos-pDF <br /> addresentatss <br /> attorney at the ?t4'ob development;Phase 1 was Adams PublishingGroup. non Point Marine Center, <br /> address stated below a 'rcoaF approved June 23,2021, p' The project ground: On April <br /> copyof the claim and fit- LLC remove j proposes to Back <br /> under Cleating&Grading approximately 12,Cr 2021,the opted 0, <br /> well the <br /> the nuait at which claim <br /> Permit,BLD-2021-0033. The known bondholders,ee_ plank sq.from <br /> ft.hf concrete City ceCouncil0 adopted Od <br /> the court Which NOTICE OF DECISIONblank him thep existing cinema 3088 to opted <br /> the probate aed, The proceedings The rough site lgrading for holdigho holderspercent <br /> rc othertfor boat launch; of concrete <br /> en Ordinance to <br /> were claim most be presented File Number:SLX-2021- 00 2 would include holding one t of of the w ul4 cb,yds.of concrete on OctoberOr12,a2020,9, <br /> 0015nep 100.000over <br /> cu.xx yds.of fill and total amount of bonds, would be removed ter-The extendoptOrdinance 2020, <br /> tyndaysltafter them(1) <br /> nal Property Owner:City of err 0 para.on e cut e- mortgages gto Tr secure jd o the OHWM.The adopted April d 2020, <br /> Ordi- <br /> P Anacortes the preparation of land rip- ties:Wilmington Trust,NA. project would also include which extended Ordi- <br /> mailed the r served or ApplicantityfA Jonn Lues Pfarks erect rot.The deveconstrue- the re-burying of the ex- tuner 21, 19, by Oc- <br /> the <br /> credit ma notice providedo the fry of Anacones Parks matt proposes construe- I certify tde the state- thtitgas be omespurlure toberAnac l Cty, by the <br /> der RCs as .20(un; Dept, inst sing o,on follows: correct <br /> or c made b me re that has become partially Anacortes City Count- <br /> oar RCW 11,oaths 1r Date ofApplioatien: installing erosion control correc[and complete.a exposeddue coastal which placed a eptarb- <br /> thor(d)four months afteru- temoer 2,2021 BMPs, clearing the ex- erosion.The work ughly o onfthe ecpermit or <br /> the date of the nest e. it Project Ave(P3155. 6300 'sting land cover,placing HeatherresideHernandez, include ads,oftnatToughy of any land use permit or <br /> lino claim a of the npre e. If Sunset e(P37551) ll coils,companent and president t23o u,yes,of9 nlia ma, building ee 4 z application <br /> edihn Is not present- placing permanent soil aci along 90 existing <br /> linearift.,g within theer zonewest at <br /> Within this time frame, The at applicant <br /> req: i stabilization;all rproposed Publication rl the Ma- placing the the <br /> surface, <br /> pthe proposes <br /> so utilize <br /> zone thethat claim Is forever otherwise pro- The Shoreline <br /> requested work is to. occur no less he 8 1 Atlantan Issue 2 ft. belay the surface, pmpoe ig t utilize the bo- <br /> sid ept as RCW11.4.out u SSEPA Exemption fort than 10 ft.landward of the Date:or September <br /> mber D23. an beckfmenthe <br /> n th the rebooted tied AM h19.4t pro.Thes n- <br /> andd11.40060.1This bar with SEPAReview for the Ordinary High Water Mark 20law: September 23. material: dec mmission AMC eight pro The hof <br /> is effective as to claims routine maintenance l of (OHWM), 2020 piping; decommissioned AMCheight pro,aeons of <br /> a nst how the deco- an existingWashington Pt launch pipes and dvedtr would M t9l l0 f e of hei an <br /> dent's assets and pt jectpps Park.The Based nerthel Review. Totalrintumber of copies also in luriremd withed from site. over <br /> 10feetdf height <br /> probateainte proposes n(t year Bapplication <br /> on the s 2 dof printed: Alsnet i the included e0 p114 over the feet. height <br /> tan-probate assets. dudemaintenance plan to in- the development <br /> to for Phasen2 e each issue <br /> of copies sqt is the a planting et ton limit of 40 feet. <br /> DATE OF FIRST PUBLICA- elude cleaning of the ramp the scope of the pr and the each issue s:i2,09ated- an,ttt a rinstal vegeta f a <br /> 1101e:Se tember 22,2021 a to 2le ti ups per in- exi of the project,the Sin 12 months:arest and the installation pedestrian on of n Pursuant0.3 to RCW <br /> PERSONAL REPRESEN- Said tie r up would ito iiigiag SEPA documeon Single2,issue nearest to fll- awide ail,le fm CunA39u, the City <br /> 120 c.the removal l u to Mitigated Determination is- 2 311 the access and leading area. Councilr mustw hold a days <br /> Name:Connie Knshansen 120 ca yds,of tidal debris of No Jun ,ca2021 is- pad Circulation: Sales the subject <br /> project area. of <br /> doptio within 60 days <br /> Address:13204 Ingraham 12 i,deep, <br /> accumulates, up to beedan June3, 2021, C tars, s dealers vendors <br /> and and The abject propertyNa of adoption.Ravailable <br /> tlto- <br /> Road gm uu in.dreg,causing hiffi- being adopted830. per op- tiers,street vendors and located within the Natural entente are available for <br /> Monroe,WA 98272 and/rurie the launching Son-or-an existing The dap- venter sales. and Cvnsnmen shore- review at: at.gou/161 <br /> ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE and.rT removal des- Sand San <br /> v MDNS ac issue number rapids line environmentwhmajority <br /> yeof na-the a Ia nnino-CoinmunI- <br /> Name:Stephen C.Schutt piece The 01lr would bo and SEPA equires a puntalbic ingeach months:i2,6reced- work with it of the tv-Economic-m mu ni- <br /> Address:PO Box 1032 Pieced east of ramp,ontole noeckliat d co a public in to issue n:arest Aquk i caboreli within the mdci: o "Rvelon- <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 the beach,as requested notice and commentlipeon Single issue nearest to fl- Aquatic <br /> utd shoreline environ- iBunt;click Height <br /> 'RD Zone <br /> Phone:S60)293-50g4 wI owWDFW:when the fish with Notice on of ai 2,083 went designation. soon.Building Height Discus- <br /> ( window is be closed,the de- was Adoptionliheof MDNS Maileges ber Sion". <br /> Published upl would be stored of anct was published on June Average number recess SEPA Determination 27, le- <br /> September 22, aluso psite. <br /> here project 16.202 the publiending <br /> each issue months: <br /> prouet- sate:September 2en 2021uldn wishing <br /> comment: Anyone <br /> 29,2021 proposes rating comment period01 en opy mg 12u months:In county Date of Final9, Decision: le d to Ordinancecommentay so <br /> October 6,2021 via paving of;a epaving onf July 6,equ copy Sin le issu cneare t Notice of 2e,202lsia the roveimay do sve <br /> AA-146872 would <br /> rued;all paving the subsequentterm SEPAn Single issuecounnearestty <br /> tout- Notice of Decision 2 P21 as provided in the above <br /> uld occur The subjdect <br /> of threshold determination miaytibe Ind date inr county 22,out- IlshedDesist October 8,d meatareinstructions.Writtenuagtom- <br /> . the OHWis located c sir ithin for the uponsre may be a cpady50 Decision:Approved with menusa Oe dr ono <br /> property is vanc hin obtained upon request. Totalgpaid circulation:eAy-ach <br /> conditions hoco be addressed to <br /> r the Conservancy shore- singe numbercopies g 12 the contact below. <br /> liay be <br /> the environment designa- Date Final Decision: issues:during,1preceding 12 viewed <br /> The ed l by clicking <br /> "Cur-with majority in the Octoberciion Issued: <br /> Single issue 9 r tit by clicking fear- Contact!eMee <br /> 1_ Aquk Aquatic <br /> shoreline env ilia Decision lasued: Sao- Single issue newest to fi_ rent Land Use nd then Pon MeasCom unector <br /> +r,°kt` meat d ati environ- tem 27,0li eddis:1 utio and Notices.'and then Planning,Community,and <br /> ens designation. Cityp Council editions Free distribution oil,carrier <br /> opening the appropriate Economic Development <br /> Approved with conditions samples) email, a aier project file number fold RO.Department <br /> ry The fa Ordinance <br /> e a spmma- SEPA Determination, or other pies Average eryt at the following link: WA Box 98221 3 -2a9-1942 <br /> by of an Ordinances City SueDate:of Final Decision:2021 <br /> Tviee f wed <br /> al decision clicking <br /> "C be dumber copies eachdin Issue oov/161/Plle n ing-Cswaonn or donO 3 nfenacwrteo <br /> Cthe ASectem Coy Sept of Final Decision: viewed by clicking jecs during preceding 12 m nity-EPlanning-Com- or don0lciNofanacopes <br /> Council on September 27. Notice <br /> of <br /> 3e,isle rent Nand Use" Projects months:60 oemenl Economic-Devel- gm, <br /> 2021. Nohce of Decision Pub- and Notices" and date Single issue nearest to fit- °intent <br /> fished:October 6,d opening the umappropriateto g data:60 bar <br /> of Nonce:Septem- <br /> ORDINANCE NO.3095 conditions <br /> Approved with project at t file number fold- 7 tat nr copies Average decision Appeals of the Per lic l2021 <br /> ion <br /> wnditions ht at the aneg rl link: number copies each 12 must be for this proposal Publication 20ion Date:Octy- <br /> NN INTERIM DRN!- h0R/J/www 2�Eino-C via sue during preceding 12 must be ied o within 14 leer 6.2021 <br /> NANCE DECLARINGA The edal p decision may be gov/161/Plannino-Com-c.Qtmmvc0D del- Single isue says ofw the date the as <br /> AN EMERGENCY AND viewed by clicking"Cur-ts munity-Eq rni�.Devel- Single issue nearest to fit- rift was mailed.Please Published <br /> ADOPTING A - rent Lando Use Projects gAlDaLit "g Copies <br /> of Distributed <br /> refand <br /> to 19 0.180.030 October A 1 12791 <br /> TANGON THE ACCEP-TIN and Notices' and then TalasNotufian; ed and AMC 19ures.0 for AA-151793 <br /> LANCE OF CERTAIN project the appropriate Appeals: rAppeals of the Totale copies Average appeal procedures. <br /> LAND USE APPMEh- orgat hie number fold: mutdecision for thisb proposal number copies each is- <br /> CIAL ZONE MER- er at the following link: ust be hied to t within 14 sue s:i10 preceding 12 ProMoran ContactiorEmily The more <br /> C7AL USE ZONE nov/16j 3ilon iiog-Com- days of the dale the lease months:107 Phone: Senior Planner; <br />�g-Com- sloe was AMCe1,20.030 Singedate:issue nearest to hl_ Phone: (360)05v298-400s. YOU tell the II1010 <br /> tA copy of the complete s ooment afLanljL-Devel- refand <br /> to C ing Total 96 am; City of Armories, <br /> ! <br /> text d 01each ordinance is opmenf ape AMC 19.2e. for Total Paid Electronic Cir- am; City of Anacortes, you sell! <br /> CityHall,at the ones Mu- appeal procedures. culation P.o.822 54i,Anacortes. <br /> Qty u ding, ths Mu- Appeals: rpthIs of the Total distribution,copies c is- WA 98221 PUBLIC NOTICE <br /> and Q Building,6th Street decmust be for this proposal Prorect ConSentact: Emily ner; sue during r copies each 12 Notice:Affected pro er- <br /> que O 0 .Uponlk'n muss oe fled ro t h d 1i- Morgan,Pho : 360)or Planner; sue 9 preceding 12 P On September for new <br /> Office to the City Clerk's days of the date the deci- Phone: oily 298o350; months:su3 owners may teen request aa FM br applicant for a new <br /> Office be mailed. <br /> wlaskin was MCle1.20.0s0 ore; City of nacortes, Singledate: <br /> issue nearest to fit- change n assess rrom FM broadcast station on <br /> copies will be mailed. and <br /> to AMC 080.080 0rrgg; City of Anacortes, date:232 the county k assessor for the frequency of ng on, <br /> app AMC 19.20.180ures. for P.O.82x 547,Anacortes, Total Distribution Print+ nroperty tax Cedpeville, Washington, <br /> Steven Cl D.Hoglund appeal procedures. WA 98221 Electronic tdicgram of revaluation. <br /> any pro- tiled an application with <br /> City Clerk Total er copies ash ire gram of revaWation- the omm isfor a- <br /> Project Contact: Emily N19 awn:rsmayAffected proper-a sue copies each Sons Commission for a <br /> Published, Morgan, Senior Planner c owners may request a sue duringgpreceding 12 Published sermon to Members a new <br /> he <br /> October 6 2021 Phone: (30y _w_ort s, change etva saws from single i sue n October 6,281 public. Members ofw the <br /> AA•15y78T pig; Cie tof Anacortes <br /> rtes. the county x assessor for log date: <br /> issue nearest to fit- AA-152819 public lonwishing to view this <br /> may. City of Anacortes, property tax purposes pro- log date:^<,447 application or obtain ice <br /> AOOL P.O.Box 547.Anacortes, gram ofren ing luatio any pro- motion about how to file <br /> SCHOOL DISTRICT WA flu'22t gram of evaluation. Published comments and petitions <br /> NOTICE OF SURPLUS October 6,2021 `tv v o on the matter can visit: <br /> PROPERTY SALE Notice:Affected proper- Published • AA-153566 <br /> ty owners may request a October 6 2021 Or reference file number <br /> Pursuant to RCW change in valuation from AA-153419 !t " 0000159169 using the <br /> 280.335.180 the Ana- the county assessor for '+cow FCC LMS Search Page: <br /> comes School District will property tax purposes -, The more you enternrisvefiling, <br /> fcc aax <br /> be holding a surplus sale notwithstanding any pro- [; (J foe acw/dataentrvioublic/ <br /> of 5 school buses to Inn grain of revaluation. f • tell the more Notice of Public teasublicAoaSearch.ht6N <br /> public at 3:30 p.m. on Hearing on Ordinance <br /> • Thursday,October 14 at Published in the 3097,an interim Published <br /> the District's Tanspa .October 6 2021 you Sell ordinance extending October 6,13 2021 <br /> nation Office. 2201 37th AA-153430 Classifieds 3054,an AA-151839 <br />