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Anacortes City Council Minutes - October 4, 2021 <br /> Call to Order <br /> Mayor Laurie Gere called to order the Anacortes City Council meeting of October 4,2021 at 6:00 p.m. <br /> Councilmembers Jeremy Carter,Ryan Walters,Anthony Young, Christine Cleland-McGrath, Carolyn Moulton, <br /> and Bruce McDougall participated in the meeting remotely via Zoom. Councilmember Matt Miller attended the <br /> meeting in City Council Chambers. <br /> Pledge of Allegiance <br /> The assembly joined in the Pledge of Allegiance. <br /> Announcements and Committee Reports <br /> Mayor Gere swore in recently hired Firefighter-Paramedic Christopher Horne,Firefighter-EMT Garrett Hutsell <br /> and Firefighter-EMT William Colwell <br /> Proclamation: Indigenous Peoples'Day: Mayor Gere read a statement proclaiming the second Monday of <br /> October to be Indigenous Peoples'Day in the City of Anacortes, encouraging everyone to recognize the day, and <br /> reaffirming the City's commitment to the well-being of our indigenous communities. <br /> COVID-19 Update: Mayor Gere shared current case statistics and vaccination progress for Anacortes, Skagit <br /> County and Washington State. <br /> Housing Affordability and Community Services Committee: Ms. Moulton reported from the Committee meeting <br /> held the previous week. The topics discussed included potential grant opportunities,the Human Services <br /> Strategic Plan, distribution channels for state funding for behavioral health issues,the committee's upcoming <br /> presentation to full City Council, and utility billing low income discounts. Mr.Walters commented on Skagit <br /> County funding that may be made more available to Anacortes residents. <br /> Public Works Committee: Ms. Moulton reported from the Committee meeting held earlier in the evening. The <br /> topics discussed included decommissioning of the former water treatment plant,the water system plan,the <br /> Craley sensing hardware and software package, and the wastewater treatment plant outfall project. <br /> Mayor's Budget Message: Mayor Gere read her 2022 Budget Message into the record, in compliance with RCW <br /> RCW 35A.33. The full text of the message is included at the end of the minutes of this meeting. <br /> Public Comment <br /> No one present wished to address the Council on any topic not already on the agenda. <br /> Consent Agenda <br /> Mr. Miller moved, seconded by Mr. Carter,to approve the following Consent Agenda items. The motion carried <br /> unanimously by voice vote. <br /> a. Minutes of September 27,2021 <br /> b. Approval of claims in the amount of$512,586.66 <br /> The following vouchers/checks were approved for payment: <br /> EFT numbers: 101325 through 101361,total $252,169.26 <br /> Check numbers: 101362 through 101373,total$147,977.62 <br /> Wire transfer numbers: 290210 through 291179,total $4,078.59 <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes- October 4,2021 1 <br /> Page 3 of 148 <br />