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MEMORANDUM September 13, 2021 <br />To: City of Anacortes, Planning, Community & Economic Development Department <br />Attn: Emily Morgan – Associate Planner <br />From: Tyler Zimmerman, P.E. (TZE) <br />Subject: Flounder Bay – Dock Project 2001 Skyline Way <br />We are requesting permit review for this proposed improvement project. <br /> <br />This project is located in Flounder Bay within Skyline Marina in the City of Anacortes in <br />Skagit County Washington. Location A address is 2001 Skyline Way, Lat 48.49278N, Long <br />122.67833W. Site plans and additional project details are attached and discussed below. <br /> <br />2001 Skyline Way Interbay Condo Association, Bruce Cay owners rep – Replace 10 creosote <br />piling with 12” galvanized steel piling, replace the existing concrete floats with steel framed <br />FRP grated floats and replace the existing gangway. The general layout of the proposed is <br />the same as the existing with 1,742 sq ft of existing overwater float coverage (OWC) and <br />1,722 sq ft of proposed OWC. Proposed floats will be FRP grated decking with <br />approximately 62% light permeability. Proposed layout will include new utility pedestals. <br />• Land Use Permit <br />• Floodplain Development Permit <br />• Shoreline Substantial Development Permit <br />• SEPA Review <br /> <br />The shoreline is designation is Shoreline Urban and the uplands includes condominiums and <br />parking areas. <br /> <br />The proposed improvements follow the City of Anacortes Shoreline Master Program (SMP) <br />and specific use policies and development regulations as outlined in chapter 8 of the SMP. <br /> <br />8.7 Marinas <br /> <br />Policy 8.7.1 – Shore line processes and functions will be maintained as is with a single point <br />of access to the proposed floats in the same location as the existing. <br /> <br />Policy 8.7.2 – Adjacent uses include marinas and single docks mooring vessels similar in size <br />and type as that will be moored at this facility. <br /> <br />Policy 8.7.3 – The facility is designed to the applicable standards and guidelines of federal, <br />state and local agencies. <br /> <br />Policy 8.7.4 – Water quality will be improved with the removal of existing creosote piling. <br />09/14/2021 <br />SDP-2021-0009