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pre-application meeting with City staff. We will begin permit work shortly for the trail phase of the project, and <br />will be reviewing same at the October Parks Commission meeting. <br /> <br />Welcome Mike Sullivan <br />Director Lunsford, Parks Manager Johnston and I were able to welcome new Anacortes School District Executive <br />Director of Finance and Operations Mike Sullivan to town. Along with some of his maintenance team, we toured <br />the Volunteer Park and Smiley’s Bottom area, talking about the long history of cooperation between the ASD <br />and the COA. I look forward to working with Mike. <br /> <br />Trail #126 Bridge Replacement <br />Steve and Gabe removed the existing bridge from #126. The structure was long past due for replacement, and <br />had become a particular hazard for the equestrian community. We are working with Planning and Permitting on <br />next steps, and conducted a site visit with Sr. Planner Emily Morgan prior to doing any work at all. She approved <br />the demolition of the existing bridge, and will be getting us a list of the appropriate permits for the work <br />needed to move forward. <br /> <br />Joint Board Hike <br />In addition to this year’s joint Forest Advisory Board / Friends of the Forest Board hike, Asa Deane and I <br />continue our every other week meeting schedule. The joint hike was a beautiful Sept 15 stroll through the south <br />Heart Lake old growth. Great discussions and catching up. Thank you to both boards for making yourselves <br />available. <br /> <br />Heart Lake Survey Schedule Change <br />Aquatechnex, the company we have worked with previously on chemical milfoil application on Heart Lake, was <br />unable to get to the survey work we had contracted with them to do before the weather change made any type <br />of vegetation control ineffective. Like the rest of the world, they were impacted by staff health challenges. We <br />have been able to move the contract to 2022, and are planning on a spring survey of the lake. This will allow <br />staff the chance to bring any invasive vegetation control plans forward to the Forest Advisory Board for <br />discussion next spring/early summer. <br /> <br />Forest Ridge Buffer Windowing <br />ACFL Steve and I met with the leaders of the Forest Ridge HOA, to review and approve the plan for eastern view <br />windowing in the Native Growth Protection Area. This is called out in the original conditions for the <br />development as approved by the Planning Commission and City Council. Very little work will be done, and Steve <br />will be meeting on site with Eager Beaver prior to work commencing. Eager Beaver has worked on this site <br />under Director Lunsford in years passed. <br /> <br />Labor Day Horse Rescue <br />Received a call early Labor Day morning about a horse that had gotten itself stuck on a down tree along trail <br />#211, just north of Heart Lake. Something spooked the horse near the parking lot, prior to the rider getting in <br />the saddle. It took off and ended up with two legs on one side of the tree and two on the other. Anacortes Fire <br />Department, along with a local volunteer, were able to fashion some stairs out of dimensional lumber that the <br />horse was able to climb with its hind legs. I have heard second hand that the horse and rider were both a bit <br />banged up, but recovering. <br /> <br />Butte Falls, Oregon Reaches Out <br />Via an old friend of Asa Deane’s, I met with the Mayor and other community leaders of the small southern <br />Oregon town of Butte Falls. The town recently purchased several hundred acres of forest land, and are very