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<br />Jonn: social media – started the newsletter. The budget – we are proposing to run a budget that would take a <br />little from our reserve funds to operate what we normally would. Covid still a factor. I don’t see that lasting <br />too long into the future. <br /> <br />Recreation – soccer Saturday started. Wonderland walk also happening Dec 10-11. Mt. Erie run will be on <br />October 9 and Haunted Forest Halloween event on Oct. 30. <br /> <br />Other business: Brad – wanted to bring in interest to the heart lake master plan to add a park by the water. If <br />we can gain traction on that, that would be great. It’ll be the first park that would be lake front. In 2022 we <br />can head to the conservation department to ask for a grant priority. One of our strengths is that ACFL can <br />have matching funds, and road funds. We want to work with the forest advisory board as well, to figure out <br />which grant to pursue. Skate park is another that is gaining traction for us to prepare for your <br />recommendations on which grant to go for. Brad – empty space at the Storvik Park use – we can dial in on <br />what can be used in that spot. Community Center, volleyball courts, senior workout space were proposed <br />earlier. <br /> <br />Meeting adjourned: 6:46pm <br /> <br /> <br />Respectfully submitted: Victoria Wong Date: October 5, 2021 <br /> <br /> <br />Parks and Recreation Update <br />October 2021 <br /> <br />ACFL Management Plan Update <br />We are excited to be moving forward on the long and winding road of the 2014 ACFL Mng Plan update. I did a <br />broad brush stroke presentation for the City Council on Sept. 13, asking for their preference on a direction <br />forward. As the Planning Commission recommended the 2014 draft update to the City Council on March 27, <br />2019, Council is comfortable moving forward with their own public hearing and update process. Written <br />comments may be submitted to me any time, and the Council Public Hearing for the plan is scheduled for <br />October 18. <br /> <br />Friends of the Forest Trail Ambassadors <br />The Friends invited ACFL Steve and I to join their thank you pizza party for their first ever summer Trail <br />Ambassador program. The volunteers, who set up informational tables at various trailheads throughout <br />summer weekends, were very well received by both visitors and ACFL staff. Their observations, guest assistance <br />and general feedback/updates were a great addition to our busy summer. We look forward to this program’s <br />future expansion, and say Thank You, FoF! <br /> <br />Rotary Club Cap Sante Centennial Project <br />Over the last couple of months I have been able to tour the proposed project site with two members of the <br />Samish Nation staff, including Denise Crowe. Steve and I moved our monthly ACFL outing with Denise to the <br />Cap Sante project site. Another great outing and exchange of ideas and insights. As Rotary Club Project Lead <br />Tom Decker continues his work on grant applications for signage and other fronts, we had a very productive