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September 29, 2021 <br /> <br />A few trees have been blocking trails this month, but not as many as expected with at lea st two gale <br />warning windstorms to date. As always, we appreciate picture messages, emails, or phone calls with <br />locations and tree size when trail blockages happen due to blowdowns. <br />Numbers of swimmers and lake visitors plummeted this month with cooler weather and school <br />starting. <br />On august 31, I repaired the turnstile at the 226/238 trail junction. I also added a few more 226 trail <br />signs where I thought they were needed at this junction and the next one eastward. <br />On September 2, I finished the last of the “Green Mile”, the metal overlook railings on the summit <br />of Mt. Erie. <br />September 2 our Heart Lake vault toilets received a pumping. Ready for fall! <br />On September 4, Gabe Apple and I installed a culvert on Trail 113 just above Big Beaver Pond. This <br />was the completion of a project we initiated in August with the help of Alli Schuh. <br />I watered the Arborvitae at the pickleball courts at Clearidge for the last time before winter on <br />September 4. <br />I have been involved with tree surveys and consultations citywide , sometimes assisting the Street <br />crew with tree questions in their rights of way. <br />I spent the better part of the week of September 13 assembling materials (cedar logs, gravel), <br />tuning up our wheelbarrows, and formulating a plan for the work party on September 18. <br /> <br />I worked a productive day with the rest of Parks at the Wastewater Treatment Plant on the 15 th. <br />The rest of the month was mostly preparation for today’s project on Trail 10. <br />There were also reports of yellowjacket nests that Gabe and I took care of with a combination of <br />Ortho spray and digging out with a McLeod, then dashing away, then returning the next day to <br />repeat this process. <br />Gabe’s last day was September 19. Thanks Gabe, for all your hard work and accomplishments! <br />I’m headed up 215 after I write this to do some repair work on the turnstiles with Braydn from the <br />Parks crew. Wish us luck! <br /> <br />September 2021 Parks and ACFL Operations <br />Administrative Report <br /> <br />ACFL Management Plan Update <br />We are excited to be moving forward on the long and winding road of the 2014 ACFL Management Plan update. I <br />did a broad-brush stroke presentation for the City Council on Sept. 13, asking for their preference on a direction <br />forward. As the Planning Commission recommended the 2014 draft update to the City Council on March 27, 2019, <br />Council is comfortable moving forward with their own public hearing and update process. Written comments may <br />be submitted to me any time, and the Council Public Hearing for the plan is scheduled for October 18. <br /> <br />Friends of the Forest Trail Ambassadors <br />The Friends invited ACFL Steve and I to join their thank you pizza party for their first ever summer Trail <br />Ambassador program. The volunteers, who set up informational tables at various trailheads throughout summer <br />weekends, were very well received by both visitors and ACFL staff. Their observations, guest assistance and <br />general feedback/updates were a great addition to our busy summer. We look forward to this program’s future <br />expansion, and say Thank You, FoF! <br /> <br />Rotary Club Cap Sante Centennial Project