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From:CHARLES NANCY LOVETT <br />To:Morgan, Emily <br />Subject:Notice: File SLX-2021-0014 Western WA Univ <br />Date:Thursday, September 16, 2021 12:42:02 PM <br />Received the proposal to improve WA Univ's shoreline property. <br />Do not see anything in the proposal that addresses inclusion of the public use path <br />continuation that is supposed to be being developed from Washington Park to <br />downtown Anacortes. <br />Does that mean that the improvements they are asking for will help them DETER <br />development of the community multi-use path, which has been their position? <br />If this is all just for the benefit of Washington University, we strongly OPPOSE <br />spending the money; it is of little to no benefit to Anacortes. <br />We will change our minds if our tax dollars are spent in a way that will benefit all <br />Anacortians and the long-promised trail to connect Anacortes and ease the 20-spur <br />traffic. <br />Thank you <br />Nancy and Charles Lovett <br />2410 Washington Court