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OTHER BUSINESS <br /> Access Anacortes Fiber Internet Update <br /> Administrative Services Director Emily Schuh provided the regular monthly update on Access Anacortes Fiber <br /> Internet. Ms. Schuh's slides were added to the packet materials for the meeting. She reported on customers in <br /> service,pending orders and revenue received, including 863 customers in service. She noted the take rate by <br /> district,which was exceeding a 30%take rate in the currently active zones. Ms. Schuh also reported on <br /> continual investigation of additional funding opportunities, the status of construction by zone, and special <br /> projects with Rock Island Communications,the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community,WWU Shannon Point <br /> Marine Center and Island Hospital. <br /> Mr. McDougall left the meeting at this point. <br /> Anacortes Community Forest Lands Management Plan Update <br /> Assistant Parks&Recreation Director Bob Vaux and Parks &Recreation Director Jonn Lunsford updated <br /> Council on the status of the ACFL Management Plan,which had been updated but not adopted in 2014. Staffs <br /> slide presentation was added to the packet materials for the meeting. They requested direction from Council on <br /> the next steps to attain City Council approval of the plan. <br /> Mayor Gere invited members of the audience to comment on this agenda item. <br /> Brian Wetcher called the plan the most vetted comprehensive land use plan the City has ever seen. He urged <br /> Council to adopt the plan as presented as soon as possible. <br /> Sara Holahan, 1511 38th Street, expressed concern about whether the plan would be updated every five years <br /> going forward. She also said Transition Fidalgo had been engaging in citizen science under Parks Department <br /> auspices and should be mentioned in the plan. Ms. Holahan urged making more wheelchair accessible trails in <br /> the ACFL. <br /> Brian Wetcher added that e-bikes are considered motorcycles in ACFL and are restricted to trails that are open <br /> to motorcycles. <br /> Mr. Miller asked if the plan had been reviewed by the Planning Commission like other comprehensive plans. <br /> Mr. Lunsford said that it had, in 2019. Ms. Moulton suggested that the plan be presented to Council as is for <br /> action. Mr. Young agreed but expressed concern about allowing sufficient e-bike access in the ACFL. Ms. <br /> Cleland-McGrath wondered if more timely public comment was appropriate but supported acting on the plan in <br /> its current form. Mr. Miller asked that the plan be presented to Council with the Planning Commission's <br /> recommendation. Mayor Gere concluded that the management plan would be presented to Council for action at <br /> a meeting in the near future. <br /> Contract Award: Sensus Water Meter Software#21-136-WTR-001 <br /> Water System Manager Brian McDaniel requested City Council consent to award a contract in the amount of <br /> $195,712.16 to Ferguson Waterworks for the Sensus Water Meter Software. The agreement provides for the <br /> setup, installation, configuration, integration,training, and support of the Sensus water meter software in the <br /> City's water system. Mr. McDaniel's slide presentation was added to the packet materials for the meeting.He <br /> responded to extensive councilmember questions about the proposed meter reading system and its costs and <br /> benefits. <br /> MATT MILLER moved, seconded by CHRISTINE CLELAND-MCGRATH,to authorize the Mayor to sign <br /> contract 21-136-WTR-001 with Ferguson Waterworks in the amount of$195,712.16 for the Sensus Water Meter <br /> Anacortes City Council Minutes -September 13, 2021 2 <br /> Page 3 of 92 <br />