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18. With the help of Tim from Engineering to look at the cost estimate, we were able to cut down 100k in the <br />proposal. The crew will prep the site and get all the rocks out with a rock rake. <br /> <br />Karl – Been with the City just over 7 years with the Senior Center for about a week. Marketing – wrote an A- <br />Town publication article. Aug 29 Senior Center will be part of the open streets event. Operations – last time <br />we met, we were mostly virtual but we did open up July 6. Pre-Covid was about 150 people per day at the <br />facility, right now it’s about 1/3 the amount but high spirits and there’s definitely a need for the center to be <br />open. About 2 weeks ago – changed to mask only. Some people are not coming in due to he alth concerns. <br />Statewide benefit advisors to help people with Medicare hoping to come back. They’ve done classes before <br />and hopefully September they can open it up to one on one in person consults and hopefully some classes in <br />October. Working with Bret Lunsford to come in for some programs starting in September and working with <br />the library to get some help from them and talk about some ideas. Chief Floyd will be coming in to the Center <br />in September to chat. Chat with Karl to start up in September to learn their names and stories and why they <br />come. Lea brought up that we have some low numbers in volunteering but we took in 2 -3 volunteer <br />applications this past week so it’s looking better. <br /> <br />Bob – Washington Park wild fire a week and a half ago – our phones rang around 6:20am and Nicole and I <br />were out there by 7:00am and the Anacortes Fire dept was able to put it out successfully. It was smoldering <br />by the west beach area in the woods. Campers have been following fire ban regulations. Cranberry and <br />Whistle lake have been pretty family friendly since the heat wave. Steve and his crew ha ve been doing a great <br />job. We’ve had some luck with some overtime shifts with Capt. Fuller and when officers support us in the <br />ACFL, it helps tremendously. Thanks to the Anacortes Police Department and Fire Dept for their assistance. <br /> <br />Other business – There was a discussion on the Community Center collaboration with the Fidalgo Pool. The <br />project is currently on hold. There was a question about a beach volleyball court at Storvik Park, as there is a <br />petition going around town for a pickle ball court at that location. Staff discussed possible options at the NW <br />corner of the park. <br />We had a year of intensified and increase use of e-bikes. The e-bike people have observed the rules in the <br />forest lands; forest lands policy directs ebikes on motorized trails. Concern that there are e-bikes that don’t <br />actually look like e-bikes and more like a motorbike. Discussion ensued. <br />Nicole and Brad visited the skate board park. Safety improvement ideas that didn’t cost too much to revisit. <br />Simple things to suggest to give it the maintenance it needs . A resident wants to host a local scooter <br />competition to fundraise for a new skate park. Nicole to meet with him at the end of August to talk about his <br />ideas. Covered some graffiti that’s on the rock that bleeds outside of the bowl . <br />The Heart Lake Master Plan was discussed. Access and possible implementation of the plan were the focus of <br />the discussion. <br /> <br /> <br />Meeting adjourned at approximately 6:4 2PM. <br /> <br />Respectfully submitted: Victoria Wong Date: Sept. 3, 2021 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Parks and Recreation Update <br />September 2021