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ANACORTES PARKS & RECREATION <br />Advisory Commission <br />Meeting Minutes <br /> Sarah Nichols, Chairperson <br />Jo Ann York-Gilmore <br />Brad Adams <br />Christine Hansen <br />Alex Hernandez <br /> <br />August 10, 2021 <br /> <br />Members Present: Christine Hansen, Alex Hernandez, Brad Adams <br /> <br />Staff Present: Bob Vaux, Dustin South, Nicole Johnston, Karl Wolfswinkel, Victoria Wong <br /> <br />Call to order: 6:05PM <br /> <br />Minutes: June minutes approved as submitted <br /> <br />Public Comment: none <br /> <br />Capital facilities & draft dept budget update: there were no major department budget changes or additions <br />or subtractions. Biggest budget news is 2 full -time maintenance staff were filled as of July 2021. Bradyn and <br />Myles doing amazing and thrilled to have them on board. Capital facilities plan – developed a plan with <br />adding a restroom to the park shop at Washington Park. We have some funding guarantee in house, Parks <br />Foundation and Kiwanis club and possible LTAC money to round out funding. We’re still working with the Cap <br />Sante viewpoint project. The rotary club will come to future Parks Commission meetings when they are about <br />a year away from breaking ground with the viewpoint project , the trail portion we’re shooting for this fall. <br />Minimal impact since most of it exists. Cemetery expansion und erway. Jonn working with Steve Hoglund and <br />the Mayor to find financial backing for projects. <br /> <br />Department Reports: <br />Dustin – Recreation had a busy summer. Good to be doing recreation programs again. Proud of the camps <br />with sport camps in collaboration with high school sports teams. Busy sports camp was end of June coinciding <br />with the heat wave. The kids and parents have been really appreciative that we could put stuff together to <br />keep kids sane and socializing. Travis offered a few survivor camps, and also t he new Dino camp. Art dash on <br />July 31st – numbers were down a little but restructured to make it not as serious and more of a fun run <br />community event. 1-mile kids run received well. We’ll tweak a few things but keep it similar and keep it on <br />the Arts Festival weekend as per usual for the following year. Rec staff has been helping up at the Senior <br />Center for front desk coverage so they can get things back to full strength and a team effort from the parks <br />department. <br />Nicole – Cemetery expansion update – the month of July has been a busy month with services up at the <br />cemetery. We had almost a service every Saturday. Ripple effect of waiting for their services and now seeing <br />it progress. Myles has been working hard with all the services. The crew has been workin g on irrigation with <br />the lack of rain and showing us where our irrigation needed to be turned on/fixed. Impressed with the crew <br />to trouble shoot the problem. Kiwanis Park area sprinklers had to be figured out and Brian was able to figure <br />it out within a day or two. Continuing our watering of the hanging flower baskets. Cemetery expansion – this <br />week we’re reviewing the site plans. We have about 90% of the site plans and doing the final revisions by the <br />end of the day tomorrow so it should be good to go out to bid. We will be posting it in the paper by August