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A8.'�SA000TEs AMERILAN/YOUR FIDALGO GOANcCORTES.Cehl F4EDNESDAY,ACGUST 18,20221 <br /> Notices <br /> ;;,,, <br /> Legal <br /> ............_ ____ ........ . <br /> EMAIL: CLASSIFIED@SKAGITADS.COM • PHONE: (360) 424-4567 <br /> LEGALS <br /> - - " trot <br /> wives tt a metro:Mae. eimiwroot Voranabortes <br /> Le-gals ORDINANCE NO. <br /> /r phonic is Predcc I Open gm: City of Anacortes <br /> � .Record P'Public Hearing will Deportment of Planning <br /> SUPERIOR COURT AN ORDINANCE :, , be held by the Anacortes Community,&Economic <br /> AMENDING Planning Commission on Development, P.O. Box <br /> OF WASHINGTON ORDINANCE NO.3080 .� September 861 2021 at 547,Anacortes.WA 98221 <br /> COUNTY OF SKAGIT ENTITILED"AN +co+( 'lac fac 6:W PM by means of the <br /> In Re the Estate of: ORDINANCE ADOPTING Zoom video conferencing Published <br /> THE CAPITAL web application to consid- August 18,2021 <br /> L'=U_C� A.cOBEK FACILITIES PLAN(CEP) NOTICE OF NOTICE OF er thefollowing proposal: AA-134175 <br /> _EQ$71B_FBYEAR ,APPLICATION_—:_____APPLICATION_.. <br /> UeeoSNed'. -�PERIOD 2021-2026" -File Number;SDP-2021- <br /> ... ... ___... __ _Fib Number:-SPL•2021- NOTICE IS HEREBY WV- -0001 _ ��cv-o�� <br /> - NO.21-400312-29_ - A copy of thecomplete 0002 EN THAT AN APPLICA- Property Owner: MJB 0 NOTICE-TO CREDITORS' text of each ordinance is Applicent/O per: FOV, T10N WAS MADE FOR Properties,LLC .��- <br /> .. -posted-at the Anacortes LW(Craig Beretalk) THE'FOLLOWING PRO- 'APplicent:'KPFF Consult- � - <br /> The personal represen- City Hall,Anacortes Mu- Date of Application:May POSAL: ing Engineers 'I.tea` <br /> Wive pawed below has mope!Building,6th Street 21,2021 The applicant is request- Project Location' The <br /> been appointed as par- and Q Avenue.Upon 'e- Date of Completeness: ing a Home Occupation project site is located <br /> sonar representative of qquest to the City Clerk's August 10.2021 Permit for a home-based along Q&R Ave <br /> this estate. Any person Om,. (380-293-1900) Project Location: 2307 firearm transfers business. CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> hoeing claims against the copies will be mated, 37th Street(P57826) The proposed business Propose!: The applicant INVITATION TO BID: <br /> decedent must.before the would occur Ina bedroom has requested a Shoreline Grand View Cemetery <br /> time the dawn would be Steven O.Hoglund NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- of the residence: said Substantial Development Expansion•Phase 2 <br /> loaned by any otherwise City Clerk EN THAT AN APPLICA- bedroom would occupy Permit(SSDP)for clear- <br />' applicable statute of pm- TION WAS MADE FOR a total of 132 sq.ft.The ing and grading activities NOTICE IS HEREBY GIV- <br /> nations,present the claim Published THE FOLLOWING PRO- proposed business <br /> s Oper- to occur within shoreline EN that sealed bids will be <br /> in the manner as previd August 18 2021 POSAL lve <br /> ation allows for FBI-back- jurisdiction of Fldalgo Bay. reted at the Ogiue of the <br /> ed in RCw 11,40.070 by AA-132911 The applicant is request- ground checked custom- The proposed SSDP is for Clerk-Treasurer.Municipal <br /> serving on or mailing to ing a Preliminary Short ere to carton legal firearm Phase 2 of the property Building, P.O- Box 547, <br /> the personal represents- Plat application to divide transfers; the transfers development;Phase 1 was 904 6th Street,Anacortes, <br /> toe or the personal repre- an approximately 1.38- may also be reported/pro- approved June 23,2021, WA 98221,until 2,00pm <br /> addresentative's attorney b at the i T acre lot into(9)residential cased through the Ana- under Clearing&Grading local time on September <br /> address stated below a __ ots within the Resides- cones Police Department. Permit,BLA-2021-0033. 2,2021,at which time bids <br /> copy of the claim and ill- Density ( A) proposed business will be opened and public- <br /> ing the original of the claim T,y `+ zoning district.Lot sizes would ice have no exterior The rough site grading forde C read for the Grand View <br /> with the court in which ',co.'. range from the major- indication 4.e.siCant or Phase 2 would elude asetery Erosjest#19: - <br /> the probate proceedings ty being 5,000 sq.ft.and advertisement). Custom- 150,000 Cu.yds.of fill and Phase 2 Project will 2- <br /> w'ere commenced. The the largest being 9,000 sq, er parking is proposed to over 400 cu.yds.of cut for PRK-004,The City will not <br /> claim must be presentee NOTICE OF DECISION ft.; the zoning minimum be In the driveway or on- the preparation of land de- consider bids received af- <br /> within the later of:(1)Thir- requires 6,000 sq.ft.for street and is not antici- velopment.The develop- ter that time and date.The <br /> ty days after the personal File Number PLN-2021- Single-Family Residences at d to be problematic, meet proposes construe- Protect provides for the <br /> _ +a teeennlweerved-a. ?gieFi .. - ---fin-9,000=sq T fir'Da= e <br /> .c�-�� _�_ �_._ — __ - of lnfreetrucalre ___. _ _..._ ._.__- _._. <br /> --_ subject D a ..lion 9ng erosion <br /> ro zee-follows': ucpen6ldfr <br /> d' Owner/Applicant Mryes serviced <br /> -Each lot would es located in the Residentialzoig BMPs, eras on a ex- i n t*fiv encs en i.e <br /> dyer RC as provided un-, tic Inn.LLC senitced with.CityAccess <br /> es s to Low Density 2(Fl2)zoning B At clearing the ex- matey five acres of an ex- <br /> '�_ "' -' der RCw 11.40020(1)(c). Agent:Vantone Architec ry- <br /> gen (water,sewer).Access to district elfin land covert placing k 1i 5 acre cantata <br /> .or(2)fa of the <br /> .to - - -the lots would be off of the - fill stills,component and Work includes installingcontl - <br /> • <br /> ' the date of the first cob- Project Location: 419 alley',to be unproved with To ensure safety and se- placing permanent soil temporary erosion control <br /> notion,• <br /> If Oommermgl Ace development,onto B Ave curhy of the applicant, stabilization;cation;all proposed measures;nimbi treahroot <br /> ding <br /> • the rfclaim ris1 not present- and f_.qve. the ex ct project Klee- arone is to Orear no less system removals:grading <br /> an witnin ties rime frame, Project Description: Son Is being withheld, than 10 ft.landward of the (excavation and backlit!) <br /> the dawn is forever bamrd. The applicant requested Required Project Per- Ordinary High Water Mark of roadway,drainage,and <br /> except as otherwise pro- a Type-2 Site Plan Review mite/Approvals:The Tod- File Number:HMO-2021- (OHWM). landscape areas;installing <br /> areie 'r rreieei 1.4e bit nit SEPA Rthe for ad- lowing may be required 0004 an irrigation system with <br /> and 11.40.060,iveas This bar ten as to the Majestic in addition to the above: Date Of Application:Au- Environmental Review: yard hydrants;installation <br /> iis effective as to claims Inn and Spa.The project Residential Building Per. gust 10,2021 Based on the submitted of underground power <br /> against both the dace- proposes to add 12 guest mil,Right of Way Permits, Date of Completeness: re de lion for Phase 2 of utilities;revising existing/ <br /> dents probate assets and rooms to the North build- Stp r & Drainage August 10,2021 the development and the installing new stormwa- <br /> non-probate assets, ing and expand the ketch- Approval, Final Short scope of the project,the ter systems for collection/ <br /> en of the South building. Plat Approval,Clearing& Required Project Per- existing SEPA document, conveyance of roadisite <br /> DATE OF FIRST PUBLICA- The proposed North build- Grading Review mite/ :The fol- Mitigated Determination runoff:roadway coetreF- <br /> TION:August 4,2021 ing addition would be built lowing wouldould be required of Non-Significance, is- eon with placement of <br /> t over the existing park- SEPA Review:The pro- addition to the above: sued June 3, 2021, Is gravels, crushed surfac- <br /> PERSONAL REPRES`N_ erg area and located to the posed development is ex- City Business License; being adopted per WAC ing,and hot mix asphalt: <br /> TATIVE east of the budding.The empt from SEPA pursuant Federal approval from Bu- 197-11-830. The adNp- installing cement con- <br /> . Name:Deanna Mr sion proposed South building to WAC 197-11-800(6). reau of Alcohol,Tobacco, Sun of an existing MDNS crate sidewalks:Installing <br /> Fi <br /> Address: 2517 Fir Crest addition would replace an &Firearms(ATF) and SEPA environmental various types of fencing; <br /> existing paved surface to Existing Environmental checklist requires a public landscaping: plantings <br /> Anaemia&WA 98221 the North of the existing Documents:Tree Proser- SEPA Review:The pro- notice and comment pert- for low-impact stonmva- <br /> kitchen.Additional parking vation Plan posed development is ex- oi.A Notice of Application for management facilities; <br /> ATTORNEY FOR ESTATE is proposed to maintain erupt from SEPA pursuant with Adoption of MDNS traffic/pedestrian control, <br /> Name:Stephen C.Schutt the current and required Public Hearing: None to WAC 197-11-800(6). was published on June A bid deposit equal to 5% <br /> Address:PO Box 1032 parking space count; - required, A Preliminary 16,2021 with the public of the bid amount is re- <br /> Anacortes,WA 98221 duction of parking would Short Plat application is a Public Hearing: None comment period ending quired.Engineers Estimate <br /> Phone:M0)293-5094 not result from the pro- Type 2.Administrative De- required.A Home Occu- on July 16,2021.A copy is$500,009 to$550,000- <br /> posed additions.The sub- croon. cation Permit application of the subsequent SEPA Bid specifications are <br /> Published mot property is located in is a Type 2 Administrative threshold determination available free of charge at <br /> August 3,11,18 2021 the Central Business Dis- Public Comment Period: Decision. for the proposal may be <br /> AA-1128808 trio(CBD)zoning district, The Notice of Application obtained upon request. <br /> was published on August Public Comment Period: Published <br /> SEPA Determination:The lath,2021,Written coin- The Notice of Application Closed-Record Decl- August 18,2021 <br /> City of Anacortes issued a ments must be submitted was published on August sion Hearing: A visual AA-134258 <br /> Determination of Nonsig- to the contact person list- 18th,2021.Written com- closed-record decision , <br /> reticence(DNS)on June ed below by 5:00 PM on mints must be submitted hearing to make a deci- <br /> litre23,2021 using the option- September 1st.2021. to the contact person list- sion on the application will <br /> 7r•nw al Di/S process of WAC ed below by uSe PM on be held Who City Council G <br /> 197-11-355. There were ANY PERSON HAS THE September let,202t. on Monday. September <br /> no appeals, RIGHT TO RECEIVE 27th.2021 at 8:00 PM via ��� <br /> Tine following is summary' NOTICE, PARTICIPATE ANY PERSON HAS THE Zoom video conferencing. :Y�.(7 <br /> f an Ordinance passed by Date of Final Decision: IN ANY HEARINGS,RE- RIGHT TO RECEIVE 0 Virtual meeting par- fco'a <br /> the Anacortes City Council August 12,2021 QUEST A COPY OF THE NOTICE, PARTICIPATE ticipelion instructions <br /> oin August 9,2021. Notice of Decision Is- FINAL DECISION AND IN ANY HEARINGS,RE- and connection informa- <br /> sued:August 18,2021 APPEAL THE DECISION QUEST A COPY OF THE tion can be viewed here: NOTICE OF <br /> ORDINANCE NO.3093 Decision:Approved with AS PROVIDED BY LAW. FINAL DECISION AND httos://www.anacorte<wa AMENDMENT OF <br /> conditions APPEAL THE DECISION gov/700/Meeting-Docu- 2020 CDED ACTION <br /> AN ORDINANCE _ Document Availability: AS PROVIDED BY LAW. mantsotnrl-Viden, Meet- PLAN <br /> AMENDING ORDINANCE the final decision may be Application documents ing attendance options will <br /> NO.3078 ADOPTED ON viewed by clicking"Cur- may also be reviewed at Appeals:Any party with be posted on the appica- The Consolidated Plan is <br /> DECEMBER 21,2020, rent Land Use Pr ojects hltps://www.anacorteswa standing may appeal the ble agenda published the the planning end applica- <br /> ENTITLED"AN and Notices" and then 0ov/161/Planning-Corn- decision, once made, weak before the meeting, ton for the City's Commu- <br /> ORDINANCE ADOPTING opening the appropriate tnunity-Fconomic-Devil- within 14 calendar days Hearings will be conduct- city Development Block <br /> THE BUDGET FOR ALL project file number fold- onment by clicking"Cur- after written notice of the ed in accordance with the Grant(CDBG),a program <br /> MUNICIPAL PURPOSES er at the following link: rent Land Use Projects& decision is mailed, per rules of procedure adopt- administered by the U,S. <br /> AND USES FOR THE hiteee:/ioeeRereg601ieswa Notices". the provisions in AMC ed by the hewing body. Department of Housing <br /> vEAR2u2l" etee'elO;:Planning-Coin- 19,20.180,Appeals, and 'Urban Development <br /> ee,nie,'C:.onomic-Devil- Appeals:Any party with Staff Report:All applice- (HUD,. The consolidated <br /> A onpv of the complete goment standing may appeal the For Prefect Information: eon documents may also planning process serves <br /> taxi of each ordinance is decision. once made, Emily Morgan. Senior be reviewed at hips:// as the framework for a <br /> posted at the Anacortes Appeals:Appeals of the within 14 calendar days Planner; 360-298-4350, www an a00 rt es wa community-wide dialogue <br /> ---" "-'- -"- "" . - C'er Hal,-Ansccrtes Mu- dacielen for this proposal after written notice of the enrilvmetbnlyofananortee, goy(161/Plannln. Role to Identify housing and <br /> r:,ipa;OuilGing,Et,St:, mi,s1 hP fined by with,,14 decision is mailed, per gyg City of Anacortes Mune'v-cconOrie-Devil- community development <br /> and 0 Avenue.Upon e- days of the date the deci- the provisions in AMC Department of Planning. ocmeot by clicking"Cur- priorities that align and <br /> quest to the.City Clerk's sion was malted.Please 19,20.180,Appeals. Community, &Economic rent Land Use Projects& focus funding from the <br /> Office (360-293-190re refer to AMC 19.20.030 Development, P.O. Box Notices". CDBG. The Consoldat- <br /> copies will be wailed- and AMC 19.20.180 for For Project Information: 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 0 The staff report will be ed Plan is drafted every 5 <br /> appeal procedures. Emily Morgan, Senior available for review,no let- years and includes a year- <br /> Steven D.Hoglund Planner; 380-298-4350, Published r than S00 PM on Sep- y Action Plan to provide <br /> City Clark Project Contact: Emily emilvm�gitvofanecorles August 18 2021 tembeT3nd.2021. how CDBG funds will be <br /> Morgan, Senior Planner, gm; City of Anacortes AA-134166 used to help the City meet <br /> Published Phone: (360) 298-4350: Department of Planning, Appeals: The decision the community develop- <br /> August 18,2021 2Eft ra1805tS0fanacurtes Community, &Economic on this application.once mint needs of low-Income <br /> AA-t32908 srg. City of Anacortes, Development, P.O. Box made,may be appealable residents as outlined in the <br /> --- - - - - - P.O.Pox 547.Aacorte- 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 pursuant to the procedures Consolidated Plan. <br /> outlined in AMCo19.20.030 <br /> ,. ,,,..__-- --.,._--. —._....-.._.. ._ Published _. . . and AMC L424 14. _. ..Due tq.the urgent needs <br /> irr.i..i Not Affected piece. August 18,2021 .t, arising outof the COVID 19 <br /> " ' ty w per may request a AA-134169 'tr tN` For Project Information: pandemic,the City will al- <br /> nhartgem valuation from Emily Morgan. Senior locate additional funding <br /> :4 thecounty assessor for Planner; 360-298-4350 to provide emergency re- <br /> +<oe^ property n purposesIii; NOTICE OFIHEARING .-_ 01liefhe elessne prevention <br /> _,•_. _^-__-'---_ _ rthate g unY Rr9r - '- ..With VIRTUAL.. • of homelessness. <br /> gram of revaluation. PLANNING The more <br /> Thyfolletving is asummary SOS. COMMISSION The City will allocate <br /> of an Ordinance passed by Published PUBLIC HEARING you tell the more $24,271 in CDBG-CV <br /> the Anacortes City Council August 18,2021 . i funding to pubic services <br /> on August 9,2021. AA•134157 • CL118Y`EDS NOTICE IS HEREBY y0U gle. to prevent,prepare for and <br /> f <br />