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8.3. As proposed, the only exterior indication would be via the allowable sign. The proposed sign <br /> would be required to meet the standards of AMC 19.66, Signs. <br /> 8.4. The home occupation is not proposed to employee any person other than the applicant, David <br /> Cox. <br /> 8.5. No more than (1) client is seen at a time; therefore, parking is not anticipated to be <br /> problematic. <br /> 8.6. The home occupation permit would not be transferred to another person and would stay with <br /> the current owner's while they own the subject property. <br /> 8.7. As a condition of approval, the applicant would be required to obtain all required business <br /> licenses prior to commencement of the occupation. <br /> 8.8. The proposed home occupation is not anticipated to create excess noise or traffic outside of <br /> normal residential use. Most materials in connection with the occupation would be obtained <br /> and delivered by the applicants. <br /> CONCLUSIONS OF LAW <br /> 1. The proposed home occupation has been reviewed for consistency with the regulations outlined in <br /> AMC Chapter 19.47 regulating Home Occupation Permits in the City of Anacortes. <br /> 2. The proposed home occupation permit application was processed consistent with AMC Table <br /> 19.20.030-1 for Type 2, Administrative Decision Review. <br /> 3. Any Finding of Fact that is more correctly a Conclusion of Law is hereby incorporated as such by this <br /> reference. <br /> DETERMINATION <br /> Pursuant to the above analysis, based on the file of record, the proposal, as conditioned, meets the <br /> requirements for home occupation permit per AMC Section 19.47.040. The Administrator hereby <br /> CONDITIONALLY APPROVES the applicant's request to establish a home occupation for a chiropractor <br /> practice on the erty. <br /> FP-ega <br /> Don Measamer, Director of Planning, Community, & Economic Development ate <br /> CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL <br /> 1. Pursuant to AMC 19.47.040(C)(3), the applicant shall submit for a permit for the proposed sign; <br /> said sign shall be compliant with AMC 19.66. <br /> 2. Pursuant to AMC 19.47.040(C)(5), the applicant shall allocate adequate off-street parking for <br /> clients visiting the home occupation. <br /> 3. Pursuant to AMC 19.47.040(C)(7), the owner/applicant shall obtain all required business licenses <br /> for the proposed home occupation. <br /> 4. Pursuant to AMC 19.47.040(D), any expansion or change of the nature of the home <br /> occupation that does not qualify for a minor permit revision, requires a new permit. <br /> 5. If modifications to the practice area, the applicant shall obtain all required building permits from <br /> the City of Anacortes. <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />