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August 20-21 in my absence, Gabe litter picked Heart Lake Road, giving great attention to detail. He <br />reported finding and removing 314 cigarette butts in addition to the usual refuse. THANK YOU <br />GABE. <br />August 24 Gabe and I tried to fell a partially fallen tree on 215, on the north side of Sugarloaf. We <br />were unable to pull it down the entire distance the ground, but it is no longer connected to the <br />stump and leaning favorably away from the trail. <br />Today I sampled the three lakes for water quality (fecal coliform analysis, done by the Anacortes <br />Wastewater Treatment Plant). After that I spent some time with my superiors Brian and Nicole at <br />the Clearidge Pickleball Courts, massaging the Arborvitae planting that we started last month. After <br />this report is written, I will go back there to water them some more – today’s light rain was not <br />enough. <br /> <br /> <br />Dry Understory along Trail 235, August 2021 <br />