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Anacortes Community Forest Lands Advisory Board <br /> <br />Minutes of the Meeting: August 5, 2021 <br /> <br />Board Members Present: Sandra Starbuck, Brian Wetcher, Nick Stowe <br /> <br />Staff Present: B. Vaux, S. Phillips <br /> <br />Meeting called to order: 6:00PM. Meeting location #10 Trailhead, “Old Dump” Gate. <br /> <br />Board and attendees walked to trail intersection #10x#108 to begin meeting. <br /> <br />June 2021 Meeting Minutes unanimously approved. <br /> <br />Public Comments: <br />Richard Mellon, a volunteer with the Washington Trails Association is looking forward to working <br />with ACFL staff on yet to be determined trail improvement projects. Is hopeful that trail #132 will <br />finally be commissioned. <br /> <br />Marlene Finley, President of Evergreen Islands introduced herself and talked about EI’s mission. <br /> <br />Ashleigh Ellsworth-Keller, Friends of the Forest Outreach and Development Coordinator introduced <br />herself and updated the Board on FoF summer activities. The Trail Ambassador program is going <br />very well. ACFL staff concur. <br /> <br />Staff Reports: <br />Vaux and Phillips spoke briefly regarding their submitted written reports. <br /> <br />The Summer ’21 ACFL/FoF volunteer work party will Saturday, Sept 18 th. The plan is to work on #215 <br />surfacing from the Ray Auld Drive trailhead to the intersection with #320. <br /> <br />There is anecdotal evidence of an uptick in trailhead and park parking lot vehicle prowls. Visitors are <br />asked to take proper measures, i.e., especially do not leave valuables in unattended vehicles. <br /> <br />There was some discussion amongst all attendees of the Adenovirus Hemorrhagic Disease (AHD), a <br />fatal blow to any deer that come into contact with it. Thus far, WDFW has only confirmed one case <br />in the City of Anacortes. <br /> <br />There was also some discussion of the Whistle Lake dam safety project. Vaux reported that there <br />has been no new information nor have there been new developments since the site visit some <br />months ago with GeoEngineers and Widener and Associates. <br /> <br />Site Visit: #10 Trail Repair, from last winter’s flooding. All attendees hiked out to the repair site, and <br />reviewed the approved planning documents, including a letter from Tess Cooper, former COA Senior <br />Planner and a Best Management Practices plan from Bachman Environmental. These documents <br />approved a work plan developed by ACFL Steve and Jeff Beltramini from COA Public Works. The site <br />review complete, the group adjourned the meeting at 730PM, and hiked back out to the #10 <br />trailhead via trail #113. <br />