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WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY <br />SHANNON POINT SHORELINE RESTORATION <br /> <br />PROJECT NARRATIVE <br />CITY OF ANACORTES SHORELINE REVIEW <br /> <br />Western Washington University (WWU) is proposing to restore the coastal shoreline at its Shannon <br />Point Marine Center, located at  1900 Shannon Point Road on Parcel P31547, in Anacortes, <br />Washington. The City’s shoreline designations for the project site along Rosario Strait are Natural <br />and Conservancy. <br /> <br />WWU proposes to remove a derelict concrete plank boat launch that covers approximately 2,540 <br />square feet (0.06 acre) of the intertidal zone of Rosario Strait. An estimated 14 cubic yards of <br />concrete is proposed for removal from the intertidal zone at elevations between +11-feet to +2-feet <br />(OHWM = 10-feet, MHHW=7.33 feet, MLLW=0.0 feet (NAVD88). The boat launch is non- <br />operational and WWU utilizes an alternative boat launch off-site for its needs. <br /> <br />The project will also remediate (rebury) the marine lab’s existing in-take/outfall piping <br />infrastructure that has become partially exposed due to coastal erosion. The pipeline remediation <br />will occur within WWU’s existing aquatic lease (No. 20-A09714) agreement with Washington <br />State Department of Natural Resources (WDNR). An estimated 23 cubic yards of trenching <br />excavation and native sediment backfill for approximately 90 linear feet will be required to reseat <br />the pipes and concrete pipe cap and clean out vaults at an approximate depth of 2-feet below the <br />surface. Other decommissioned pipes and debris will also be removed from the site. <br /> <br />The project’s construction activities are anticipated to be self-mitigating. No trees or native <br />vegetation including aquatic plant species, will be removed as a component of the project. Any <br />potential impacts to aquatic species and habitats will be managed through the implementation of <br />Best Management Practices (BMPs), as recommended by the Washington State Department of <br />Ecology (Ecology)’s latest version of the Stormwater Management Manual and or other <br />conservation measures as required by the City of Anacortes and other applicable state and federal <br />environmental regulatory agencies. All project work proposed to occur waterward of the Ordinary <br />High Water Mark (OHWM) will be conducted during the agency(ies) approved fish project window <br />(July 16- February 15) subject to conditions when surf smelt spawn is not present. Work will be <br />timed to occur during low tide intervals, as feasible, when beach substrates are exposed rather than <br />inundated. No significant decrease in the populations of any Endangered Species Act (ESA)-listed <br />species and no adverse modification or reduction of federally designated critical habitat or Essential <br />Fish Habitat (EFH) is anticipated to occur as a result of the project. The project’s removal of <br />concrete and other debris from the Rosario Striate nearshore is anticipated to benefit aquatic species <br />and associated habitats. The project is not anticipated to adversely affect any Washington State <br />priority habitats or species of native plants, fish and wildlife species nor any that are of local <br />importance to the City of Anacortes. <br />Restoration activities include regrading the surface of the intertidal beach to match the existing <br />grade post-construction and the installations of native scrub-shrub vegetation area (114 square <br />feet) and a minimum 3-foot wide public pedestrian beach access trail landward of the OHMW, <br />near the upper extents of the project area. . <br /> <br />Applicant: <br />Alexis Blue, P.E., Assistance Director of <br />Capital Planning and Development <br />Western Washington University, <br />516 High Street, Anacortes, WA 98221 <br />(360) 650-6297; <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Authorized Agent: <br />Tina Mirabile, PWS, Senior Ecologist <br /> <br />Herrera Consultants, Inc, <br />1329 State Street, Suite 200, Bellingham, WA 98225 <br />(360) 202-6839; <br /> <br />08/20/2021 <br />SLX-2021-0014